How to Provide Feedback to Your Sales Agents Without Irritating Them


Providing constructive feedback to your sales agents is vital towards their success within your company. That is why, regardless of how many times you give them feedback, you need to make sure that the message is delivered in a constructive way. Otherwise, you’d only irritate them which can easily lead to the decline of their […]

5 Clever Ways to Establish Your Sales Goals


When it comes to setting sales goals for your team, the message can sometimes get monotonous.  When this happens, your team could be tuning you out, which will cause them to lose motivation over time.  Lost motivation will result in suboptimal performance.  The best and smart way to avoid this is to mix up your […]

Select VoiceCom and Executive Boutique Call Center Expand BPO Operations in Cebu, Philippines

Select VoiceCom

The business process outsourcing firm Select VoiceCom and its sister company Executive Boutique Call Center are expanding to 525 seats at their Cebu IT Park location in the Skyrise 2 Building. In addition to the added seats, they will be building a new employee lounge and entertainment area. Cebu is one of the top global […]

Five Best Telemarketing List Brokers for Your Business

Telemarketing List Brokers

Weighing the cost of hiring out a telemarketing project versus the opportunity cost it would take you to complete it is something you have to do for your business.  Once you have made the decision to go with a telemarketing list broker for your telemarketing needs, you then have to decide which one to hire. […]

How VoIP Dialers Guarantee Quality and Stability for your Business

VoIP Dialers

The advent of the high-speed broadband internet has brought with it a revolution in telecommunications systems. One of the biggest advances of this revolution has been the development of VoIP – voice over internet protocol. Now, with little more than a desktop computer, businesses around the world are connecting in ways never thought possible only […]

A Small Business’ Guide to Choosing The Best CRM


Maintaining healthy relationships with clients is necessary for any businesses to grow. Startups nowadays are starting to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software into their operations to achieve efficient communication. Choosing the best CRM requires small businesses to consider the following factors. 1. Reasonable price model CRM software has different features hence they vary in […]

3 Reasons Why a Lead Management Software is Important in Telemarketing

Lead Management Software

One of the best strategies that a business can employ to generate leads is telemarketing. That’s a fact that we are reminded of everyday when we send our clients their daily reports, where we detail the number of leads that we’ve acquired for them through the lead generation campaigns that we ran. While the whole […]

Transition to the Cloud: Propel Your Business to New Heights Using Cloud Based Contact Centers

cloud-based contact center

Smaller can be bigger. This is but a lesson that we can learn from the advancement of information technology in terms of storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation of data. Nowadays, a small chip has the capability to store huge data in it. And to do away with physical device, the cloud is now available. One testament to […]

Non-Negotiable Characteristics That Your Customer Service Team Should Possess

Customer Service Team

According to American Express, “A third of consumers (33%) cite ‘a rude or unresponsive customer service representative’ as the most likely customer service issue to influence them to switch brands or companies. Over one in four (26%) cite ‘being shuffled from representative to representative with no resolution of their issue’.” Another study conducted by NewVoiceMedia […]