5 Tips to Maintain Call Quality and Consistency

Maintain call quality

Because call center agents represent business entities, it is crucial for them to act with unparalleled professionalism. They need to be courteous, empathetic, and they should always be willing to help their callers every.single.time. (And that’s just half of it, by the way.) With how the call center industry has no shortage of career advancement […]

Four Reasons Why You Need the Blended Cloud CRM


A blended cloud CRM is an excellent solution to increase flexibility to inbound and outbound work groups for your business. Also known as a blended call cente, a blended cloud CRM combines telephony, automated call dialling, and inbound and outbound operation of your call cente. A blended cloud CRM is one of the most efficient […]

Making Your Quarterly Sales Review? These Questions Might Help


Your quarterly sales reviews (QSR) are essential in helping you as a business owner examine your business’ performance and identify its many successes and misses. The process is useful in giving you the information necessary to aid your business in reprioritizing the challenges and opportunities it faces and helps you to create a plan to […]

5 Clever Ways to Establish Your Sales Goals


When it comes to setting sales goals for your team, the message can sometimes get monotonous.  When this happens, your team could be tuning you out, which will cause them to lose motivation over time.  Lost motivation will result in suboptimal performance.  The best and smart way to avoid this is to mix up your […]

Non-Negotiable Characteristics That Your Customer Service Team Should Possess

Customer Service Team

According to American Express, “A third of consumers (33%) cite ‘a rude or unresponsive customer service representative’ as the most likely customer service issue to influence them to switch brands or companies. Over one in four (26%) cite ‘being shuffled from representative to representative with no resolution of their issue’.” Another study conducted by NewVoiceMedia […]

How a SMART Criteria Helps in Putting Your Goals In Order

SMART criteria

It is important to work hard, but it is also important to work smart. Hitting the monthly quota, elevating the standards for quality customer service, increasing customer retention rates are but a few of the targets that need to be achieved. But practically speaking, large-scale tasks are easier to achieve once they are gradually accomplished […]

How to Increase Sales for the Year 2014

Increase Sales

If you want to boost sales and customer service ratings this 2014, hiring a call centre outsourcing team is a wise choice you can do for your business. Call centre outsourcing companies are able to provide services that can help with your business solutions. Voice calls alongside other types of communication channels can boost your […]

Trends in Providing Better Customer Service

Providing better customer service

Handling customer service has changed over the years. Back in the day, the only way to interact with customers is by assisting them at the store. Times have changed, and technology has become a big part of the development. Consumers and business owners can already transact through the phone and internet, which is easier and […]

Call Centre Culture in Philippines

If you want to get a real taste of the Philippine call centre culture, then go out in the city of Cebu at 3 A.M. Cebu has a reputation for attracting the most technologically savvy Filipino call centre agents. This young workforce filled with competition, is the foundation on which the booming Filipino call centre industry […]