Three Incentive Strategies to Boost Call Center Agent Productivity

Three Incentive Strategies to Boost Call Center Agent Productivity

One of our practices as a solution-oriented outbound call center is to provide quality service not only to our customers but also to our employees as well. Providing attractive incentives to our agents not only shows them how much we appreciate them for their excellent performance, but it also motivates them to maintain their drive […]

Call Center Tracking: Why BPOs Should Track Their Results


Call monitoring and call scoring are excellent practices call center managers can use to increase quality control. These methods are useful because of the qualitative and quantitative results that prove valuable to optimal practices in call centers. If you own a small business with a call center and are unsure about tracking results, the following […]

Four Reasons Why You Need the Blended Cloud CRM


A blended cloud CRM is an excellent solution to increase flexibility to inbound and outbound work groups for your business. Also known as a blended call cente, a blended cloud CRM combines telephony, automated call dialling, and inbound and outbound operation of your call cente. A blended cloud CRM is one of the most efficient […]

Making Your Quarterly Sales Review? These Questions Might Help


Your quarterly sales reviews (QSR) are essential in helping you as a business owner examine your business’ performance and identify its many successes and misses. The process is useful in giving you the information necessary to aid your business in reprioritizing the challenges and opportunities it faces and helps you to create a plan to […]

How to Provide Feedback to Your Sales Agents Without Irritating Them


Providing constructive feedback to your sales agents is vital towards their success within your company. That is why, regardless of how many times you give them feedback, you need to make sure that the message is delivered in a constructive way. Otherwise, you’d only irritate them which can easily lead to the decline of their […]

Call Center Turnover Rates: What Does It Mean? And How Do I Deal with It?

Call Center Turnover Rates

Call centers provide a necessary service in today’s consumer-based economy. They take millions of calls annually and provide an exorbitant amount of work on a large scale to ensure all of your customers receive adequate service when the sheer number of clients to serve becomes impossible if left to your own devices. Some agencies have […]

How Excessive Performance Monitoring Can Suck the Life Out of Your Agents


The quality of performance monitoring done to contact centre agents isn’t something that should be compromised, let alone neglected. Without the proper monitoring in place, the quality of the support provided by contact centres are bound to decline. That being said, not only should performance monitoring be given emphasis, it should be considered as a […]

How to Increase Sales for the Year 2014

Increase Sales

If you want to boost sales and customer service ratings this 2014, hiring a call centre outsourcing team is a wise choice you can do for your business. Call centre outsourcing companies are able to provide services that can help with your business solutions. Voice calls alongside other types of communication channels can boost your […]

Quality Customer Service Within Reach

Quality Customer Service

Larger business names will always have the edge among its smaller competitors. For one thing, these businesses have bigger budgets, widespread marketing strategies, solid customer base and more resources. However, it all sums up to who gives the better customer service and experience – regardless of company size. The capacity of your call centre does […]