Four Reasons Why You Need the Blended Cloud CRM


A blended cloud CRM is an excellent solution to increase flexibility to inbound and outbound work groups for your business. Also known as a blended call cente, a blended cloud CRM combines telephony, automated call dialling, and inbound and outbound operation of your call cente. A blended cloud CRM is one of the most efficient […]

How to Help Your Team Cope with the Negativity When Working on Toxic Accounts

Working on Toxic Accounts

Your team’s performance hit rock bottom. You’re not meeting quotas, the negative feedback that you’ve been getting from your customers are off the roof, and your team as a whole is starting to breakdown because everyone is overwhelmed. You then say to yourself, “working on a toxic account is really frustrating…” I don’t blame you. […]

Phililippine Call Centre Client Retention

Call Centre Client Retention

A 1-800 number usually redirects their customers to a representative working in a Philippine call centre. Customers who seek assistance through these channels expect only one thing – excellent customer service. Customers want their issues resolved in minutes and by only one person. If they wanted to find answers themselves, customers would’ve gone to a […]

Handling Call Issues in a Philippine Call Centre

Handling Call Issues

Call Centres in the Philippines are considered efficient and effective if they strive for excellent customer service. The customer service strategy will succeed if its planning and implementation is done correctly. Philippine call centres follow strict guidelines to carry out the best strategies to fit the customers needs. Guided Information Customer service representatives provide customers […]

Dealing with Problem Employees at a Call Centre

Problem Employees

Philippine call centre team leaders, managers, human resource, trainers and coaches are some of the busiest people in the industry. Unlike call centre agents, they do not end their responsibilities and leave them behind at work when the day ends. Administration, as what they are usually addressed to, have to deal with reports, etc and […]

Implementing Customer Service

Implementing Customer Service

Customer service in an actual store and a Philippine call centre do not have that much of a difference. From the minute customers come in the establishment or hear the call centre agent’s voice or chat response, they are expecting to receive the service they need until their inquiry gets resolved. The expectations of customers […]

How to Increase Sales for the Year 2014

Increase Sales

If you want to boost sales and customer service ratings this 2014, hiring a call centre outsourcing team is a wise choice you can do for your business. Call centre outsourcing companies are able to provide services that can help with your business solutions. Voice calls alongside other types of communication channels can boost your […]

The Importance of Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The most important foundation of all businesses are its customers. What would a company be without them? Customer experience has become the basis of whether a customer will be returning or not. It is not easy to find new customers and all the more replace the ones who will no longer be returning. Does your […]

What to Expect when Outsourcing Call Centre Work

Call Centre Work

Providing efficient and reliable customer service is a problem for most companies, that is why they turn to customer service outsourcing. But is it a guarantee that Philippine call centres are able to handle the accounts and meet the customers expectations? Customer service is the first thing that customers experience before they get hold of […]

Cold Calling Techniques

Cold Calling Techniques

One of the most efficient ways to promote your product and services through telemarketing is by Cold Calling. Though many seem to be unfamiliar with the process, it has a 6% success and response rate according to the Houston Chronicle. Many call centre outsourcing service providers dread cold calling but you can implement these cold […]