5 Tips When Cold Calling Millennials

cold calling millennials

Millennials get quite a bad rap. Most think of us as iPad-toting hipsters who think highly of ourselves and take selfies all day and watch cat videos at every opportunity. With that image in mind, it’s easy to assume that most millennials would be too distracted to pay attention to what a telemarketer is saying […]

How Many Customer Support Agents Do You REALLY Need?

Customer Support Agents

Deciding on the number of customer support agents to hire is an important business decision. If you have too few people answering calls, the waiting time will increase and your customers will most likely be frustrated for staying on the queue for far too long. On the other hand, if you have too many people, […]

Read Between the Lines: Understanding Your Caller’s Behavior

Understanding your caller’s behavior

Dealing with frustrated customers over the phone day in and day out can be unpleasant and emotionally-taxing to many call center agents. Even so, a call center organization should make it a point to remind its employees to treat irate customers with patience and courtesy. Why? Because the company stands to lose a significant amount […]

Advantages of Strengthening Workplace Culture in Contact Centers

Contact Centers

In our advocacy towards providing nothing by the best customer support to our clients, we continuously maintain an outstanding degree of quality service for our customers. One of the main reasons why we are able to do such is because of the strong and positive workplace culture that we hold in our company. If you […]

The Advantages of Call Backs in Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Advantages of Call Backs

There are a plethora of problems that you can encounter when receiving calls from your customers. However, as a customer service provider, one of the worst things that you can do is to place your customers on hold for such a long period of time, that they’ll end up hanging up. The good news is, […]

Applying Team Dynamics in the Workplace


The call center industry has blown out to such a  massive scale. The manpower alone in this sector started with a headcount of 1500 during the year 2000 and drastically increased to 60,000 in the year of 2005, according to Alava’s study. Given these figures, the industry must strive to maintain cohesiveness and unity within the […]

5 Mindsets That Can Take Your Customer Service Team to the Next Level


When pressure starts kicking in, the ability to remain calm and composed start crumbling down and we’d rather resign ourselves into believing that the situation couldn’t get any worse. Sometimes, you will be dealing with irate and overly-demanding customers and instead of having control over the situation—the situation controls us. In times like this, we […]

The Top 5 Mistakes that a Call Centre Agent Makes

Call Centre Agent

Good etiquette is very important especially when talking to someone on the phone. The proper use of etiquette is more than just good manners, it is the first step to delivering excellent customer service. Philippine call centres not only train their agents useful English and product skills but with courtesy as well. It is common […]

Dealing with Problem Employees at a Call Centre

Problem Employees

Philippine call centre team leaders, managers, human resource, trainers and coaches are some of the busiest people in the industry. Unlike call centre agents, they do not end their responsibilities and leave them behind at work when the day ends. Administration, as what they are usually addressed to, have to deal with reports, etc and […]

Implementing Customer Service

Implementing Customer Service

Customer service in an actual store and a Philippine call centre do not have that much of a difference. From the minute customers come in the establishment or hear the call centre agent’s voice or chat response, they are expecting to receive the service they need until their inquiry gets resolved. The expectations of customers […]