Why choose
Select VoiceCom?

As a telemarketing outsourcing partner, Select VoiceCom recognises the importance of helping its clients with threefold benefits.


Select VoiceCom can work around your company's budget to make business operating costs more manageable for you.


Select VoiceCom maintains excellent standards to help you stay true to your commitment for quality, whether it's customer service, telemarketing, tech support or back-office administration.


Select VoiceCom does not decide on your project timeline - you do. Depending on your business needs or projection, you can opt for a project-based contract or sign on with us for long-term support.

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Your Australian Call Centre Partner in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of Australia’s longest-standing bilateral relationships. Australia and the Philippines have a long history of bilateral cooperation. Both countries have much in common, being geographically proximate and sharing perspectives on many regional, economic and security issues.
– Australian Embassy, The Philippines

Fast Facts About
the Company

Select VoiceCom isn’t new in the BPO and call centre industries. On the contrary, we are a strong organisation with an excellent track record, making us one of the most esteemed brands in the market
Here are some numbers and facts that make us truly proud of the company and what it can do for you.


We are currently working with around 30 clients and have worked with 120 clients over time – the list keeps going!


We have 1000+ full-time employees working to achieve client goals.


We have 12 years of industry experience serving small and midsize businesses, with whom we have consistently established fruitful partnerships.
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True to these statements, we at Select VoiceCom have established our presence as your Australian call centre in the Philippines.

We are headquartered in Cebu, one of the major business hubs in the Philippines and home to several Fortune 500 companies.
Our fully-equipped BPO facility uses state-of-the-art office technology, including the latest VOIP systems, powerful hardware and software packages, emergency power generators, voice and data networks with links to Australia and United States and enterprise-grade IT infrastructure.
We have also established a team of multi-skilled agents, coaches and highly-qualified managers for their position. Each of our staff takes their roles seriously while working with a collaborative spirit.
With Select VoiceCom’s world-class facilities and talent, our clients are sure to gain a competitive business advantage.


Select VoiceCom provides numerous services essential for your business’s
day-to-day operations. Check our complete lineup of services:


Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Select VoiceCom offers superior inbound customer support solutions on your behalf. Our agents are trained to complement your customer acquisition and retention and sales conversion goals. Select VoiceCom's brand of customer service support produces results for your business in terms of:


This type of service covers all aspects of back-office support, such as data entry, data mining, accounting, record maintenance and any other non-client-facing functions that are vital for running your business support services are available at Select VoiceCom, thanks to our efficient back-office technology and personnel. Just like the rest of our services, our back-office support is beneficial in several ways:


Some use outbound calling interchangeably with telemarketing, where the terms refer to using the telephone for cold-calling activities like lead generation, market research or sales promotion. Select VoiceCom employs all the right resources in telemarketing outsourcing, including a modern outbound call centre system and highly competent customer and sales-oriented agents. By partnering with Select VoiceCom for telemarketing in the Philippines, you gain access to the following:


Having tech support or a help desk team can be valuable for your customer but managing an in-house support team can be quite expensive. Select VoiceCom's tech support agents provide the necessary assistance to handle customer inquiries and concerns regarding your software, hardware or mobile apps in a cost-effective manner. Here's what the help desk agents at Select VoiceCom bring to the table:


The Philippines is a favoured destination for outsourcing services but it can be difficult to pick the most suitable partner from among the country’s hundreds of call centres.
How to do this? It starts with knowing what questions to ask (as well as answers you want) to ensure that your potential service provider has everything you need in a call centre from location, internet speed, IT and telephone systems to agent qualifications, management teams and more. Then, get valuable insights about the quality and cost services you can expect from your potential partner.

Watch this short, informative clip to find out how Select VoiceCom ticks all the boxes as your
trusted and reliable call centre in the Philippines.

Industries We Serve

Medical Billing and Back-Office Support for Hospitals and Doctor's offices

Business Class Travel Sales and Services for Travel Agents

Customer Support for Pharmaceutical Marketing Companies

Health and Life Insurance Appointment Settings

Customer Support for Online Marketing Company

Real Estate - Online Listing service lead generation

Employment Verification for Credit Services

Education lead generation, telephone consultation and referral for school placement

Home Improvement lead generation and customer support for national brands

Durable medical equipment lead generation for various medical products

Legal Intake/Screening for law firms

Database building through online research for tech companies

Report writing and proofreading for insurance and consulting company

Forex Trading education program sales

Photography Studio - Outbound Sales

Employee Benefits Marketing

Education Customer Support

Landline and mobile telecommunication customer support, lead generation and contract processing

Mobile premium content customer, complaint management and support

Utility sales, customer support and processing

Online hotel booking customer service and sales support



Select VoiceCom cares about the success of our clients, and we love going the extra mile for each and every one of them. Here’s what our clients have to say about the value of our service for their company.

Our Agents

Select VoiceCom is composed of agents who are working full-time for the company. They come from reputable colleges and universities in the Philippines and possess high knowledge and creative and critical thinking skills just like what you would expect from call centre pros.
Though training, Select VoiceCom agents have developed a strong work ethic and positive attitude toward customers to reflect the same standards that you’ve set for your own employees. Finally, our agents have outstanding proficiency in written and oral English, alongside a well-sounding accent.
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Lead Generation



Tech Support






Customer Support


A Peek at Our Office

Select VoiceCom operates from a world-class facility in AsiaTown IT Park office complex in Cebu, Philippines. Our office is equipped with the latest computer systems and programs, VoIP and PBX telephone systems, cosy workstations and lounge areas for our agents, and other nice-to-have call centre building amenities.

Read our Industry Insights

We at Select VoiceCom believe in sharing useful information and insights with you about the call centre industry in the Philippines and anywhere else in the world. Find the latest news, trending stories, and trusted advice from industry experts via our blog.


If you are interested in Select VoiceCom’s Philippines call centre or business process outsourcing or would like more information, please contact Select VoiceCom’s sales department by calling us or filling out the Contact Us form on the right.

Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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