4 Surefire Ways to Motivate Your Call Center Agents to Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Call Center AgentsIf you want your business to thrive, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to motivate your call center workforce.

The same applies to any industry, but it’s, even more, the case when the staff in question has to take or make calls a day in and day out.

Here’s the thing: call center agents serve as extensions of your brand, and they know it.

And at times, that responsibility can feel like a burden, even more so when the working conditions leave a lot to be desired.

So as the manager, it is your responsibility not to make them feel that way. You have to give them excellent reasons to be at their best every time they speak to a customer over the phone.

It’s not an easy task, of course, considering that each call center employee is unique.

That’s why in the process of motivating your call center agents, you have to use a multi-pronged approach.

Here are the best ways you can motivate your employees to perform at the optimal level.

1. Ask Call Center Employees for Feedback

For starters, you have to ensure that the work environment in the call center is as such that every employee is made to feel that his or her ideas matter.

By giving agents opportunities to share their suggestions on how to improve the call center’s operations, they’re more likely to feel that they have ownership or a stake in the company.

When this happens, they feel that the gains of the company are also their own, thus giving them every reason to work harder and perform better.

2. Recognize Good Performance

When you work hard at something, and you receive some praise or applause in return, it feels rather nice, doesn’t it?

It makes you want to perform that same task again and again, even when it doesn’t come with some material or financial reward.

So if a sales agent just closed a big sale with a rather important client, the least a manager can do is to give him a word of praise.

Better yet, say it loudly so that other agents on the floor can hear. After all, being recognized feels good. It’s basic psychology.

In addition, every team should have a public bulletin board or a leaderboard listing top performers. Not only will it motivate your agents, but it will also stoke their competitive fire.

3. Plan Team Building Events

Team-building exercises and events play an integral part in an organization’s efforts to motivate its employees.

By taking employees out of the office, you are providing them golden opportunities to re-calibrate their skills in a team setting. It can also tap into their hidden potential.

4. Emphasize that they’re doing meaningful work

Workers, in general, would like to think that what they’re doing for a living has a purpose, that it contributes to the welfare of the society even in a small way.

When a call center agent goes through her workday solely for financial purposes, chances are she’ll do most of her tasks just for the sake of it.

But tell her that what she’s doing for a living is improving people’s lives, then don’t be surprised if she starts coming to work with a renewed fervor.

To create an atmosphere of meaningfulness in the call center organization, managers should have regular discussions with employees about the company’s mission statement and goals.

Of course, it goes without saying that the goals discussed should have a bigger purpose other than to reel in profit for the organization.

More importantly, the discussions should emphasize to employees that they play an important role in the deliverance of that purpose.

What’s Next

Follow the above tips, and you can go a long way into motivating even the most uninspired employee of your call center organization. Not only that, but you’re also giving intrinsically-motivated agents to stay motivated.

Here at Select VoiceCom, every aspect of our operations is guided by this important principle: care for your employees and they will care for your business in return.