5 Clever Ways to Establish Your Sales Goals


When it comes to setting sales goals for your team, the message can sometimes get monotonous.  When this happens, your team could be tuning you out, which will cause them to lose motivation over time.  Lost motivation will result in suboptimal performance.  The best and smart way to avoid this is to mix up your technique on establishing your team’s sales goals.

Within this article, we will review five clever ways for you to establish your sales goals.

1. Perks

No one technique will motivate everyone. That is why finding the right motivational points for your team can be challenging. However, giving your team a variety of different perks to choose from will be sure to hit the mark.  Various perks could include a Gift Card to a restaurant or store of their choice (which can be offered in different tiers based on performance), or offering them time off.

2. Games

You can also come up with different games which could either be for individuals or groups. Assigning points for various goals is also a good idea. These points are then be rolled up towards different perks. You can establish time frames that work best for your business for each game. If you have a longer game, you can also have Bonus weeks for certain spiffs, so you can focus on certain products when needed.

3. Money

Money can be utilized to motivate your sales team. But instead of handing it out as a prize for achieving several specific sales goals, you can offer it to the salesperson who received the most “No” for meetings. Another way is to give it as a cash prize to an employee of the quarter, not based on sales, but by a vote from everyone on the team on who made the biggest impact.

4. Referrals

Most of the time spent by a salesperson within each day is on cold-calling for new customers or following up with current clients.  You can set up a reward system which focuses on finding referrals.  The reward system is an efficient step, but only the best of the best salespeople utilize.  Referrals have a higher rate of closure compared to cold-calling, and can drive your business to success in no time.

5. Bigger Prizes for Bigger Goals

A lot of sales goals are made on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.  However, there are very few awards given for multi-year success.  By having a multi-year prize based upon factors of your choosing, you not only give the team a 3-5 year goal to achieve, but you build loyalty within your staff, which will lead to less turnover.  The more stable your team, the higher overall results you can achieve together.

What’s Next?

When it comes to setting your Sales Goals for you and your team, there are many clever ways to establish the goals.  You want them to know they are valued and are well taken care of in the way that is most important to each of them.

Finding the right motivational points for your team is important; don’t be afraid to attempt new techniques to produce the desired results.
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