5 Quick Cures to Poor Performance in Your Call Center Company

Call Center CompanyWhen your call center company is performing poorly, you will face a host of issues.

For instance, you will be challenged to come up with ways to improve their performance. You might also be facing with call-outs from your clients or your customers as the quality of service your business is providing deteriorates correspondingly.                       

Here are five quick solutions to poor performance in your call center company.

Performance deep-dive

Firstly, you need to know and understand exactly what is going on. Because poor performance can mean many things and are indicators of issues in many parts of your organization, you will need to know the factors that trigger it.

Can it be lack of training? Is it poor management? Have you hired new employees who are struggling with their role? Is there enough support? Is it caused by a new change in tools, policies, or organization?

A performance deep-dive is your first tool in making sure that resources and solutions are allocated appropriately.

You can gather insightful data from listening calls, interviewing employees, running a poll or survey, or sifting through the voice of customer tools such as customer satisfaction surveys.

Build and support

Once you found the key problem areas in your call center company, you can then think of ways to improve the situation by building skills of your employees and providing the needed support.

You can start with a performance sheet where your employees can see their targets, their actual score, and the difference. In this way, you and the rest of the team can see where they are at.

Furthermore, give them the necessary training and mentorship so that they can develop the right skills, mindset, and attitude to improve their performance.

Suggested scripts and workflows

However, when you need short-term solution, one tip is to prepare suggested scripts and workflows to your agents.

What you do is to let your supervisors, during coaching sessions or team huddles, to require your agents to follow suggested scripts or perform an outline of actions expected in the calls.

It is an effective management tool in transferring skills and knowledge quickly to stragglers and newly hired agents in your call center company. However, use this tip sparingly as it leaves little freedom on the part of your agent, making their calls with your customers less personalized.

Supervisor intervention

One other action plan that can help improve performance in your call center company is supervisor intervention.

Your supervisor will take over a long call or when the direction of the call is going nowhere. This means that

Consequently, your customers can get their issues resolved and you can let your agent pick up best practices from your supervisor during the take-over.

Redirecting traffic of interactions

Lastly, another quick solution to poor performance in a call center company is to redirect the traffic to more tenured, high-performing employees.

The traffic can be incoming calls, emails, or chat messages from your customers.

By redirecting them to employees with better capability, more expertise, and longer tenure, you can likely get better results.

However, just like supervisor intervention, use this as a short-term solution.


When you are forced to apply quick solutions such as traffic redirection, supervisor intervention and suggested scripts/workflows see improvement in performance in your call center company, it would mean that you need to institute much wider changes in your organization.

Do everything you can to drive excellent performance from your team every day by establishing long-term plans such as consistent performance deep-dives, effective training, and great management support.