Experience you can trust

Select VoiceCom is an Australian and American owned company. Our organisation provides high-quality services from its state-of-the-art facility located in Cebu City, Philippines.

Select VoiceCom was founded by an experienced team of business executives hailing from different backgrounds. By sharing their expertise in call centre services, information technology, and sales and marketing, our organisation is able to provide comprehensive support to both small and mid-sized businesses.

Call Centre Outsourcing and
Business Support Services

SVC has built a team that consists of some of the best professionals in the country’s call centre and BPO industry. Our managers, trainers, and other staff members will provide high-quality services that are both affordable and flexible.

The Professional Services Your Company Needs Without the Big Price

Whether this is your first time outsourcing or if you’ve already worked with another outsourcing firm, we guarantee that the solutions we’re implementing will work perfectly for your company’s unique needs.

Our Agents Are Your Agents

To provide tailor fit solutions for your company, we’ll be working with you to determine the demands of your project. Once your requirements have been set, this will allow us to identify the professionals who will best fit your criteria.

All of our college-educated agents are highly experienced in business support services and have been carefully screened for their superior verbal and written communication skills. Our favorable work environment and cross-training also ensures that your business receives the highest quality of customer support while retaining a consistent team of agents.

Our Facilities Are Your Facilities

Select VoiceCom’s facility is located in the new state-of-art AsiaTown IT Park office complex in Cebu City, Philippines. Our establishment is equipped with the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, cutting-edge hardware and software, redundant generators, voice and data links to Australia and the United States, making it an enterprise-grade network infrastructure.

Each call centre agent is supplied with a computer that contains the latest systems and programs and a VoIP telephone with a local number from the client’s area code. Select VoiceCom’s state-of-the-art private branch exchange (PBX) system is a full-featured call center outsourcing solution with the ability to record, monitor, transfer, and track calls.

Our Management Team Supports You

Select VoiceCom, an affiliate of Executive Boutique, is an Australian and US-owned and managed company. Our leadership team brings together Australian, US, and Philippine management experience from some of the most well-known companies in the industry. We offer small and mid-sized businesses unparalleled expertise in training, customer service, technology, creative solutions, and problem solving.

All at a Price Your Business Can Afford

Select VoiceCom’s Philippine call centre and business process outsourcing pricing is competitive and flexible. Fees are based on the number of agent hours and are all-inclusive; there are no long-term contracts, set-up fees, or hidden charges. Contact us for a quote and see just how affordable our services are.
Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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