7 Tips for Telemarketers to Perform at their Best


Telemarketing can prove to be very confusing and unforgiving industry to be a part of. Your obligated to separate the uninterested customers from the ones that will be a qualified lead for your company. It’s even harder if no one has heard of the company you’re calling from. Your techniques must produce results, and whether or not you generate leads, it will always cost a lot of time and money.

Luckily, if you have experience, knowledge and most importantly, talented agents, then telemarketing can be an exiting and highly profitable business to be a part of.

Here is some advice on how to make your call center agents more successful at generating high-quality qualified leads .

1. Find joy in talking to customers

Being on the phone with customers takes hours of time and can get monotonous. Probably the most important aspect of being a good agent is this- believe in the call that you are making and be happy that you are making each call. Instilling this attitude in your agents will improve their ability to develop the skill necessary to solidify a lead. If your agents don’t enjoy making calls then they shouldn’t be making them.

2. Believe

By ensuring that your agents believe in the service that they are providing, then you can be confident in the fact that nearly every prospect that has the potential to be lead not lost. The notion of belief should be foremost in the minds of your call centre agents at all times in order to produce the best results.

3. Roll with the punches

The greatest agents are able to take the toughest customers barbs and spin them to the telemarketers advantage. Also having the ability to know what the common objections are and how to handle them is a valuable skill that may change the mind of the customer being called.

4. Imagining Success

If your agents can imagine the finish line then they will be more likely to have the confidence and incentive to get there. This technique is also helpful in raising the confidence level in new agents. If a new agent can visualize their goal, then finding out how to achieve it will become easier. Finally, imagining success will create an overall positive atmosphere throughout the call centre.

5. Make sure the lead is final

There no harm in acting like the sale has been made once you can tell that the customer is completely invested. Confirm the follow up appointment a couple times at the end of the call so that the customer knows exactly what the next steps in the sales process looks like so they are fully prepared for the next call or meeting.

6. Provide incentivizing bonuses to agent success

Offering “prizes” for lead generation is a great way to get call centre agents to product good work. Though there is a level of innate motivation (the paycheck they receive) other forms of motivation can’t do any harm. Make sure that whether or not they received a bonus for good work, that they feel like a worthy agent, and if they’ve accomplished a lot, then let them know that they’ve achieved great work.

7. You can never stop learning

Finally, it’s important to have your agents understand that there a lot to learn and that they can always get better. Persistence is the key to achieve this. By not giving up, agents will always learn more valuable knowledge that will help them in future calls.

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