4 Secrets to a Successful Outsourcing Relationship
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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a step by step guide on how to navigate business relationships? It would make our business dealings so much better and more comfortable.

But in life, though, there is no such thing. Real relationships, at least, meaningful ones, require that we are intentional about building it, undergoing a series of trials and errors, and learning as we go along.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Outsourcing Partner

Particularly when outsourcing, issues can arise from something as trivial as a personality clash or lack of communication between leaders.

But if the partnership has been appropriately planned with clear expectations from both parties, and with one goal in mind, the relationship is bound to be stronger and would withstand seemingly trivial conflicts.

To make a lasting and beneficial outsourcing relationship, here are four mindsets that you need to adopt.

Outsourcing as an investment

More often than not, companies only tend to focus on the cost-saving benefits when outsourcing; they sometimes forget that they need to invest in the relationship. 

If you are outsourcing a technical operation of your company to save on costs, you may be tempted to send old and outdated equipment for training.

Or worse, you might neglect training altogether since you have an unrealistic expectation that the company will perform at the level that you want, even without you giving them a proper orientation of what your product or company is really about.

Relationships are two-way streets. When you give, you get something back – in most cases, what you get is equivalent to the value you put in. The effort, time, and money you spend in the relationship, shows how much you value it. 

Be transparent

The key ingredient to successful relationships, be it business or personal, is open communication.

At the onset, you need to be honest and upfront about everything – especially if you have any issues or concerns. Instead of withholding that information, in the hopes that it will go away with outsourcing, you should work with your BPO partner to sort out or resolve the key issue.

If the work you are outsourcing requires you to share sensitive information, both parties should sign a non-disclosure agreement. Don’t let your apprehensions get in the way of forging a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship.

Keep realistic expectations 

While it is only right for companies to have high standards, it should also be realistic. Companies must be fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of their outsourcing partners.

Right from when you discuss commitments, schedules, and deliverables, you need to have a full understanding of their capability. This way, you can come up with deliverables and expectations that are realistic.

Constant evaluations and adjustments

Part and parcel to maintaining a fruitful relationship are making evaluations to determine how your partnership is progressing. If your BPO partner is falling short of what you expect of them, then perhaps you need to make adjustments.

Similarly, this is also an avenue for them to voice out their feedback and suggestions. They will also have something to say because they are at the forefront of your operations, after all. 

Anything they bring up will be your means of improving processes, training, and even product or service enhancements.  

What’s Next?

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