8 Creative Ways to Personalise Your Customer Service

The customer’s experience is one of the most important components of any business. While your offerings or marketing strategies entice people to transact with you, how you approach and make your clients feel are what convinces them to stay. In turn, providing a stellar customer experience will improve retention rates and turn your clients into avid promoters of your brand.

There are plenty of methods to positively transform your customer’s experience with your brand, but one of the most effective ways is by offering top-class customer support. Due to its many benefits, having a personalised customer service system will help your business thrive in the long run.

This piece will help you create a functional customer service system that suits your company’s specific industry and your customers’ specific needs. As one of the best call centres in the Philippines, we’ll arm you with the right tips to help you create the perfect customer support system.

Why You Should Invest in Personalised Customer Service

It’s worthwhile to build a personalised customer service experience because of the returns it can provide to your company. The first (and arguably most important) reason for implementing personalised customer support is the level of trust you can provide to your customers.

Trust is an important commodity for businesses as younger customers care more about a specific brand’s reputation compared to other generations. Building a rapport with your customers through a personalised customer experience helps build that trust over time.

As you build meaningful relationships with your customers, they will become more likely to return and make repeat purchases that will provide a significant boost to your bottom line. A tailor-made customer service also gives your company a major edge over your competition, which can convince prospects to push through their buyer’s journey with you.

A thorough customer service system that can address your clients’ concerns also results in fewer returns. People are less likely to return purchased products if you answer their queries on your product professionally and promptly.

Tips to Personalise Your Customer Service

Now that you fully understand how a customised customer service can positively impact your business, it’s time to see how you can take proactive steps in turning it into something productive. While the efficacy of these strategies may vary from one industry to another, they can steer you in the right direction. When you implement these customer service tips we have for you, you’ll see your company’s customer service workflow as an entirely new being.

1.   Call them by their name

Calling your customer by their name may seem like a minor and inconsequential thing, but it’s a good practice to address them directly when communicating with them. Doing this will make your customer feel that you care about them and sincerely want to help solve their problems.

This practise goes beyond customer service calls. Emails and other official correspondences with your clients can also use a personal touch.

2.   Be available in multiple communication channels

While communication via email is still a good communication option, it’s important to recognize that not all your customers are willing to draft an email to address their concerns. Most want their answers immediately, so it will be critical to establish multiple communication channels.

Know which apps and communication methods your clients use most frequently and set up your customer service channel there. Establish a presence in as many platforms as possible so your customers can easily reach out if they have an issue with your product or service that needs to be sorted.

3.   Recognise loyal customers

Returning customers are the reason why your business is thriving. Failing to acknowledge their importance to your business can damage their perception of you and their eagerness to support your offerings.

A great way to address returning clients is by establishing a customer loyalty program. While these efforts can take different forms, doing so will make your customers feel valued and further encourage repeat purchases.

4.   Collect and understand customer data

Understanding your customers is critical to the success of any personalised customer service effort. If you have no idea what your clients think about your brand, how can you provide a customer support experience that fully meets their expectations and needs.

You can collect your customer’s data through CRMs, social media, and other customer engagement platforms. Identify your most important segments and create buyer personas to guide your team through creating the customer service system.

5.   Solicit feedback

There’s no better way to know how your customer service efforts are working than asking the people who experience it themselves.

Ask your clients for comments about their most recent interaction with your customer service team. The information you get will be instrumental in improving how your services work. Once you implement the changes you made based on their suggestions, you can ask them again to see how it improved the process.

Moreover, asking customers for their feedback will give them the impression that you sincerely care about them and want to improve how you communicate with them.

6.   Take advantage of rising tech

Technology has always been a driving force in customer service as it allows companies to be easily reachable across multiple communication channels. Consider incorporating new software or tools into your customer service workflow.

One such tech you should take advantage would be chatbots. These bots will allow you to address your customers’ commonly asked questions regardless of the time of day.

7.   Provide choices for your customers

If you plan to implement chatbots in your customer support workflow, it will be critical to supply an adequate FAQs resource or responses to your customers. Not providing enough information will only frustrate your customers and potentially drive them away from your business. The effect applies when you don’t offer a live agent when AI isn’t working.

Always make sure that the choices you provide are valuable. Providing them with self-service tools or reducing the time needed to solve their concerns are great ways that will encourage customers to use your customer service more frequently in the future.

8.   Respect your customers’ privacy

As much as you want to know everything about your customer, you mustn’t step on their privacy. Once customers feel that you’re collecting their information against their will, the possibility of them going elsewhere for their business increases.

Ensure that the data you gather from your customers are provided with their consent. Whether they’re using your website or talking through one of your communication channels, let them know that you’re collecting their data to improve your services. Being transparent with your customers will build trust over time.

 Impress Your Customers with Personalised Customer Service

Creating an effective customer support platform can help expedite what is usually a challenging and tedious process that most customers dread doing. An excellent customer experience that makes them feel important can go a long way in making your company stand out from the rest.

If you’re interested to learn more about and understand customer service, please reach out to our experts at Select VoiceCom. Our team of customer service professionals will help your business steer in the right direction.