Managing a business is no easy feat.

Your needs are ever-changing, and the lack of necessary workforce and resources can hinder you from growing. While having an in-house support team is great, the increasingly difficult task of hiring top talents can slow down your plans to scale up. Fortunately, choosing to outsource call centre services will give you a cost-effective solution.

We Optimise Your Call Centre Services Cost-Effectively

As a top outsourcing agency in the Philippines, Select VoiceCom can take your business to the next level. Our experience in the field and our large pool of experts allow us to confidently say that we can provide the contact centre services you need. Whether it’s customer service, lead generation, or back-office support, we can deliver the results you desire.
Our contracts are highly flexible to match different business demands. Instead of signing a long-term and fixed agreement, you can set terms to match your changing requirements. By giving you control over our scope of service, you can plan for the long haul while hitting your present targets.

Inbound Call Centre Services

Customer Service/Support

Address customer concerns effectively. Keep your clients happy with the help of our highly trained customer representatives.

Order Taking and Order Processing

Record and manage your transactions accurately. Gain more conversion opportunities through the efficient processing of orders.

Electronic Filing

Tax preparation and submission through online means. Our e-filing services can also help you file tax returns and other related attachments.

Conference and Event Reservations

Reduce the workload of your in-house staff. Ensure that your company’s event bookings are always updated.

Customer Retention

Boost sales through repeat transactions. Our experts will assist you in building a loyal customer base.

Directory Assistance

Gather, store, and access caller information seamlessly. This service will help you build a comprehensive contact list in no time.

Back-Office/Technical Support

Decrease your workload while conserving your budget. Focus on your core operations and let us deal with administrative tasks.

Help Desk

Give your clients the help they need. Improve satisfaction rates through comprehensive technical assistance.

Billing Enquiries

Eliminate billing errors, manage payments, and keep your financial data secure. Letting us handle your financial responsibilities will give you more clarity on your cash flow and transactions.

1-800 and 1-300 Toll-Free Services

Let your customers reach you at any time and place. Toll-free services will make it easier for your clients to get in touch with you.

Call Overflow

Don’t leave your customers hanging. We’ll help you manage your increasing volume of inquiries through our overflow service.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Sales and Lead Generation

Strengthen your presence in the market. Our lead generation experts will help you reach the right customers, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.


Build rapport and create an interactive experience for your customers. Promote your brand and pave the way for genuine engagements through telemarketing.

Appointment Setting

Capitalise on quality leads. Let our appointment setters generate opportunities for your sales representatives.

Market Research

Gain useful insight into your audience. Build a strong marketing campaign by understanding your clients better.


Gather metrics effortlessly. We’ll gladly conduct surveys to help you improve your products and services.

Data Verification

Eliminate and prevent errors in your database. This service will ensure that information is carefully transferred from system to system.


Collect the necessary finances to launch your projects. Give us the opportunity to help you with our fundraising services.

Post-Sales Follow-Up

Drive future transactions and build a better relationship with your audience. Strong after-sales services can make a huge difference in the customer experience.

Security Monitoring

Monitor calls with no obstructions. Security monitoring will help you identify areas for improvement and enhance interactions with your customers.

Product Promotion

Launch and promote your products effectively. We’ll help you increase your sales and market your brand to the right set of eyes.

E-mail and Live Chat support

Keep an omnichannel approach to customer support. Being available on email and live chat will optimise your conversion rate.

Account Management

Drive your business forward by retaining key clients. Outstanding account management can help strengthen your partnerships.

Empower Your Organisation through Trustworthy Call Centre Support Services

Hire an offshore team that goes above and beyond your expectations. As the market becomes more competitive, outsourcing call centre services will be one of your best decisions. With the help of our streamlined processes, strong culture, and business-friendly operations, partnering with us will give your company an indisputable edge.

Scale Your Business with Select VoiceCom

Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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