Running a business can become difficult over time if you do not have the necessary resources to handle work efficiently.

While you can hire employees with the knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks, it can get costly to keep up with your business’ growth, or it may come too slow. In some cases, hiring an in-house employee may even hurt your business. This can be frustrating to deal with if you want to succeed in the market and edge out your competitors.

Select VoiceCom can help you reach your business goals and more through
our Business Support Services.

Select VoiceCom can help you reach your business goals and more through our Business Support Services. With our team of trained and educated experts, our company is more than capable of providing you with high-quality customer service, technical solutions, and problem-solving services to help you keep up with strong competitors for a fraction of the cost.

Select VoiceCom is among the top global outsourcing hubs in the Philippines that offer B2B and B2C services in various fields. The company is accredited by its sister company, Executive Boutique Call Center and serves clients primarily based in Australia.

We offer flexible contracts with no mandatory long-term agreements. You can opt for services on a project-based timeline or an indefinite term, depending on your needs. Our management team is also flexible and capable of quickly modifying its services to meet your standards.

Our Services

Data Entry - Transcription services can convert your written data onto a digital platform. You can opt for this service for ease of documentation.

Data Mining - We analyse and report collected data. You can use this to help better understand your business statistics and receive insights on critical factors.

Schedule Appointments and Bookings - Save effort in scheduling appointments. Optimise your time by letting us handle your bookings.

Forms Processing - Form processing services help organise all informational documents, whether scanned, printed, or digital. The data can be inputted into a systematic database and made available at any time.

Claims Filing - This service can evaluate and confirm the data needed to authenticate claims. It can also provide reports for analysis and documentation.

Claims Submission - Collects, reviews, and submits the data needed by the insurance providers of your company. This service uses the latest coding software to ensure the accuracy and security of your data.

Contract Processing - Includes the processing of contract-related data, records, and similar documents. Additionally, we can assess the conditions of editing contracts and thoroughly check for inaccurate statements and omission of terms.

Any Back-Office Task -Our back-office support includes administrative, support, and other non-client-facing services. These include after-hours support, registration services, live chats, and many others.

Discover how you can attain success with quality support services

You can find the heart of Select VoiceCom through its world-class customer service that lives by the guarantee to go above and beyond your expectations. With our services, you can experience the same quality of support that other successful brands offer and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Support Services

Business support services can include back-office tasks, customer support, maintenance, equipment-related services, and more. Business support services are essential because they can reduce your operational costs and improve growth over time. These services are excellent for small and medium-sized businesses looking for quality support on a tight budget.
Business support services help you achieve your goals by handling tedious and repetitive work that keeps you from focusing on your core tasks. Simultaneously, they can offer insights and solutions to problems your business may be experiencing.
You can look out several signs to determine if your business needs to outsource a support service. These factors include being unable to keep up with customer demands, poor time management, continuously missing deadlines, etc.
Before you begin to seek support services, you must first identify the weak points of your business. If you have tech issues and other related problems, seeking an IT solution service may be your best choice.
Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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