Customer relationships play an essential role in the success of your business.

However, this can be hard to maintain if you do not have enough resources to keep up with cold calling customers and closing sales. As a result, the growth of your business can slow down, keeping you from achieving your goals promptly.

Select VoiceCom comprises highly trained and well-educated teams equipped with the latest technology in the industry.

As our client, you have immediate access to account managers and quality assurance monitors at all times, 365 days a year. Select VoiceCom is also accredited by its sister company Executive Boutique Call and has been recognised and awarded numerous honours for its excellence in the field.

Since more than a decade ago, Select VoiceCom has focused on building a team of highly experienced professionals and trainers. Through our agents, we offer reliable and effective services that match the needs of your business.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Call Centre Lead Generation

Lead generation uses a targeted approach to bring increased results towards other sales-generating methods. These leads are typically gained through outbound calls that offer your customers the information they look for.


Sales mainly focuses on closing deals through calls over the phone.


Telemarketing services consist of teams making a sales pitch to your customers for your products over the phone. Select VoiceCom offers outbound telemarketing outsourcing to help spread awareness about your product or service.

Appointment Setting

Our teams can help you book meetings and schedule appointments for several occasions through this service. They may also schedule appointments for other employees and divisions in your company.

Market Research

Our agents can conduct market research to understand your customers and the competition you may face better.


This service handles the creation of surveys and collects the necessary responses needed to analyse and improve your business strategies.

Data Verification

Data verification refers to the checking of current data to validate accuracy and consistency. This service ensures that the existing data you have reflects the intended purpose of analysis.


This service refers to collecting voluntary financial contributions in your business’s name through engagements over the phone.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring keeps sensitive information regarding your products and customers confidential and safe.

Product Promotion

The dissemination of information regarding a product or service over the phone.

E-mail and Live Chat support

This service allows you to respond to your customers’ queries in a timely and professional manner. Additionally, this enables lines to be open beyond the typical business hours for added convenience.

Account Management

This service is a post-sales task that focuses on managing relationships with your clients.

State-of-the-art Outbound Call Centre in the Philippines

Select VoiceCom lives by its promise to provide you with nothing but top-quality services at a fraction of the cost. With our business-friendly operations, you are guaranteed to get everything your business needs and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outbound Call Centre Services

Outbound call centre services grant you access to the necessary resources to optimise customer relations. This can lead to better sales opportunities that can grow your business.
Outbound call centre support allows you to gather and analyse customer information to build your business strategy. With this additional outsourcing service, you save valuable time with your in-house team and lessen operational costs.
Consider hiring outbound call centre services when your company can no longer keep up with cold calling customers and closing sales from your customers.
Outbound call centre services build strategic plans based on the needs and goals of your company. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive services unique to your company even as you grow.
Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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