Your tech support team needs to be available 24/7, especially when technical problems are expected.

But what if you don’t have experienced staff to stay on top things? Luckily, this is where working with a skilled tech support team comes in. Outsourcing your IT support processes will ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Select VoiceCom’s tech experts and help desk staff are highly skilled and adequately trained to meet your unique needs.

Our tech support agents are experienced and have worked with some of the top tech organizations in various industries. To showcase our diversity, we’ve catered to real estate companies, travel agencies, and even law firms.

Select VoiceCom is your reliable partner that will provide your business with state-of-the-art IT support services and help desk outsourcing.


Technical Support for Software and Mobile Applications

Work with experts who will guide you and your customers on queries about your products and services. Our agents can deliver fast and effective solutions for your business.

Help Desk Support for Home Computer Users

Eliminate unnecessary errors and save time by working with help desk specialists who can troubleshoot your computer systems remotely. We can also offer suggestions to avoid similar issues in the future.

Software Setup and Installation

We’ll easily equip your systems with the necessary software. We’ll make sure all the data and resources that your team needs are right at your fingertips.

Website Navigational Assistance

Our tech agents will assist you in finding and performing tasks efficiently, including user account setup, account updates and deletion, and more.

Software and Application Training

We provide proper technical and product training for our carefully selected tech agents to enhance their IT skills and ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills required for their role.

Software Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Our agents will take on any software issues or concerns and resolve them as soon as possible. This is also done for maintenance, ensuring that the software your company uses is kept up-to-date.

High-Quality Tech Support and Help Desk Services are Within Your Reach

Meet your customers’ needs and provide the service they deserve. Have an outsourcing partner that can keep up with your fast-paced organization. With our business-friendly operation, streamlined technical solutions, and help desk management, you can expect Select VoiceCom’s practices to complement your existing business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Support/Help Desk Services

Managing an in-house support team and finding qualified staff can be expensive and highly competitive. When you outsource your IT support or helpdesk services to Select VoiceCom, you gain instant access to tech support agents who possess master-level competence.

They are trained to provide the assistance needed to handle common and critical concerns—all these at reduced in-house costs.

By granting them access to your computers’ user systems, our remote tech support team can tackle troubleshooting issues as soon as possible. They can resolve basic issues quickly, conduct in-depth monitoring, and provide support wherever they may be. More importantly, having a round the clock IT support team means that you can provide assistance to your clients at all times.
As your business grows, your need for competent tech and help desk assistance will also increase. When this happens, you can count on reliable tech support and help desk solutions to staff up conveniently and quickly. Outsourcing IT helpdesk services allows you to meet your customers’ needs and provide the service they deserve instantly. All this with significant reductions to your overhead expenses!

Apart from the reduced operational costs, you get to:

  • Dramatically improve your tech support and help desk response time.
  • See a significant increase in staff quality and training.
  • Utilise cutting-edge cloud-based technology with little to no upfront costs.
  • Get 24/7 customer support
  • Provide quality technical support to all end users. 
Your tech support and help desk staff will be managed by our in-house Australian and American management team. Select VoiceCom utilises an online time clock system that verifies the time your agents report for work. Clients can choose the hours that best suit their business.
Select VoiceCom can hire specialised professions that fit the client’s qualification standards and requirements. Note that this will require a longer lead time for hiring and a higher salary for the agent. You can call or email us directly for a quote.
Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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