Tech Support / Help Desk

Many companies are now looking to outsource their technical support and help desk services in order to help them reduce costs for hiring, training and managing an in-house support team. In addition to the benefits to the bottom line achieved through outsourcing tech support and help desk services, companies are taking advantage of the convenience of being able to staff up quickly with highly trained people they may not otherwise be available or affordable in their local job market.

With SVC’s state of the art technology and hands on management team, we can deliver high-quality, reliable technical support services alongside of your existing staff or as a replacement for you some or all of your current team.

At Select Voicecom, we bring together a dedicated team of tech support agent that are trained to handle your software, hardware or mobile apps. Our tech support agents hold a bachelors degree in computer science or other computer related courses, and have experience working on behalf of some of the top tech companies.


  • Technical Support for Software and Mobile Applications
  • Help Desk Support for Home Computer Users
  • Software Setup and Installation
  • Website Navigational Assistance
  • Software and Application Training
  • Software Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


  • Significant reductions to your fixed overhead
  • Increase in staff quality and training
  • Faster response time
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Faster ramp up time
  • Cutting edge cloud based technology with little or no upfront cost


We base our recruiting process and requirements on our client’s specific needs. We allow our clients the option of interviewing the candidates themselves so they can have a solid grasp of what the agent is capable of. This also helps ensure that the agents possess the skills and training they need to be able to handle the client’s specific needs.


You can opt to use our state of the art cloud-based platform or we can integrate into your current platform. Our current platform, that includes:

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Recordings will allow you to automatically interact with callers through voice or touch tone commands while accessing computer database. Our IVR can easily be set for simple telephone call routing, to delivering important information on a real time basis.
  • ACD – Automatic Call Distribution to queues and skills-based-routing
  • CRM Integration – Our system can effortlessly integrate with the most popular CRMs including Salesforce or knowledge bases such Zendesk.
  • Cloud Routing – Cloud routing can route calls to multiple distributed call centers or locations or assigned to secondary queues such as specialized ACD skill groups or IVR.