The Anatomy of an Effective Pre-Recorded Voicemail

Pre-Recorded Voicemail

You painstakingly call your prospects day in and day out – with the same pitch, purpose, and expectation. You follow the same process and even the same body language – it’s making you lose interest in it. And for what? Callbacks? Lead generation? Closing leads? Well, you can drive the same results – and even the most efficient ones – all with a pre-recorded voicemail.

If your business demands regular follow-ups with clients, delivering pitches and closing leads – or you’ve had a call center – then make use of pre-recorded voicemail or automated voicemail generators.

What are pre-recorded voicemail generators?

An automated or pre-recorded voicemail generator is a computer program. You have to create a voice message and integrate it in your PC system. Once done, you can send the message to a voice mailbox. These voice messages get activated during every call.

Anatomy of a pre-recorded voicemail


Creating automated voicemails is not rocket science. You need the right equipment and creative to proceed with the technique. First, create a script that you will use as the message. Make sure to outline the purpose of your call. And keep in mind to time the entire brief. Do not forget to add your contact number at the end of the message.


After you’ve created your voice message script, practice reading it – without sounding too robotic or unnatural. That’s one thing that clients hate – being greeted or encountered by static voice message, absent of ‘human feeling.’


After you are done practicing and are confident enough to create the final draft, use the automated dialer software. First, press the record button and start reading out from your script.


Hear the recording, listen to the message and if you feel everything sounds good – assign it as the final pre-recorded voicemail message. But if you find a glitch or feel something does not sound right or good, delete the entire recording and start afresh.

Tips for pre-recording your voicemail message

  • It’s crucial to practice your message and plan ahead of the recording session.
  • The key is to sound natural, confident and humane.
  • Keep the message clear and concise. You don’t want to offend the concerning recipient.
  • Continue to record as many times as possible, until and unless the message sounds right and useful. Following this rule is important because you’re going to deal with potential customers. And your goal is to convert them into leads and close the transaction.

Pre-recorded Voicemail Dos

  • Highlight a single solution through your voicemail message
  • Keep the message concise, short and practical
  • Add limited information
  • Add call-to-actions

Want to convert potential customers into leads and close the deal?

Pre-recorded voicemail messages are ideal for it. They do the job right, fulfills the purpose of a sales representative and aligns the pattern involved between attracting customers, engaging, delighting them and closing the leads.

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