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Hiring, Training, and Retention
Account Setup and Management
Telecom and IT Infrastructure
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The Philippines is a prized outsourcing destination due to its competitive labor costs, good customer service, and high English literacy among college graduates. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, has an excellent educational system, and produces more than 400,000 college graduates each year. Filipinos have a well-deserved reputation as hard workers and outstanding employees with a positive attitude toward relationship building and customer focus. Many major companies, such as Microsoft, Dell, Sprint, Vonage, Verizon, T-Mobile, Time Warner, and AOL, have outsourced some customer support services to the Philippines.

Select VoiceCom agents are carefully screened for superior verbal and written communication skills. Schools and universities are taught in English with American pronunciation and usage. In addition, all Select VoiceCom agents have completed call center training courses that include additional instruction on how to neutralize and smooth over any accent.

Yes, we have sample voices that you can listen to. We can also schedule a time for you to speak directly with some of our agents before you commit to work with us. In addition, you will be able to interview each of the agents assigned to you before they begin work to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

No. Our policy is to assign each agent to work exclusively with one client at a time, intending to provide you with a dedicated extension of your office staff.

Approximately 1 Team Lead to 15 direct agents.

Hiring, Training, and Retention

Select VoiceCom can hire specialised professionals that fit the client’s qualification standards and requirements. Note that this will require a longer lead time for hiring and a higher salary for the agent. You can call or email us directly for a quote.

We have rigorous hiring procedures in place to ensure that we only hire the most qualified candidates to meet the needs of our clients. Our HR team carefully reviews each resume and checks all prior work and educational references. Successful candidates must pass oral and written communication tests, score above average on our EQ and IQ tests, have at least a college-level education and prior call center experience, obtain NBI clearance in the Philippines, and complete a medical screening test. We adhere to all legal and ethical standards in our hiring practices.

We have a highly experienced team of trainers who work closely with our clients and agents to ensure that our agents possess the skills, tools, and experience necessary to deliver top-notch services. 

Our agents have prior call center experience and have received base training in their previous roles. To provide our customers with seamless service, we follow a comprehensive training process that includes orientation training (1-2 days), client product training (CPT), and ongoing up-training. We also employ experience-based training across all levels. The duration of our CPT varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the client/product knowledge and the agent’s previous experience. Typically, our CPT lasts from one to six weeks.

Our monthly turnover rate has consistently averaged around 3% over the past 12 months, significantly lower than the industry average. This can be attributed to our emphasis on creating a positive work environment and prioritizing employee morale.

Account Setup and Management

Your staff will be handled by our in-house Australian and American management team. Select VoiceCom utilises an online time clock system that verifies the time your agents report for work. Clients can choose the hours that best suit their business.

Yes. We will choose a group of qualified agents for the job and arrange for telephone interviews, which typically include a role-playing exercise so that the prospective client can assess each agent’s communication skills. In cases where the job requires specific computer skills, we can also administer advanced testing prior to the interviews.

Our trainers will work closely with your company to oversee the training of your agents and manager. While we encourage in-person client visits during the training period, most training can be conducted remotely over Zoom or other web-based screen sharing services. Our training rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art projectors or large-screen monitors, and we can also conduct training with each agent sitting at their work station. To ensure a seamless training experience, clients typically provide us with training materials in advance so that we can assist in preparing training modules and estimate the time needed to complete the training. Our training exercises incorporate role plays, simulations, and test calls. We also provide outlines for agent procedures such as call scripts, call handling procedures, and customer management.

Yes, but it’s not required. Although it’s not mandatory, many clients choose to conduct training over the phone using a screen-sharing program.

Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and GoToMeeting.

Yes. We review and comment on client-prepared materials by request.

We customize our QA process based on each client’s specific needs. Some clients have dedicated QA monitors who conduct continuous monitoring and evaluations, while others prefer to use our monitoring software to conduct their own QA monitoring. Each account has its own QA standards and scoring sheets that cover various criteria, including objection handling, energy and attitude, filler words, pronunciation and articulation, speed and pace, listening skills, professionalism, disposition and documentation, process adherence, and dialing readiness. In addition to client-specific QA, our team leaders regularly evaluate agent performance, which is taken into account during the agent evaluation process.

Our monitoring process is flexible and can be conducted both on-site and off-site. Supervisors can use our dialer’s “monitoring” feature to listen in on calls and intervene if necessary. For on-site monitoring, we also offer side-by-side coaching where supervisors can listen in on calls using a dual headphone connection. We also use call recordings to evaluate agent performance, with a predetermined set of criteria used for scoring. This approach allows us to conduct quality assurance thoroughly and effectively, regardless of whether monitoring is done on-site or remotely.

We record and store all calls for the duration specified by the client

Each account is overseen by a team leader, with a ratio of approximately one leader to 15 agents. The team leader reports directly to the center’s director of operations, who in turn reports to the president. Supporting each team are our Director of Client Services, IT Department, Training Manager, and QA monitors. Our clients also have direct communication access to the team leaders, managers, and staff members dedicated to their account.

The team leader is the main point of contact and can be reached via phone, email, or chat. Additionally, the Director of Client Services, Director of Operations, and President are actively involved in overseeing each account.

Yes, they can be assigned a local phone number.

Yes. We are flexible and can adapt to any chat program the client currently uses, such as Slack, MS Teams, and Skype.

After consultation with the client and usually a pilot period, we establish specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each campaign. For a blended inbound/outbound campaign, KPIs may include:

  • Number of accounts processed
  • Number of calls answered
  • Average Handling Time
  • Total Talk Time
  • Total Pause Time
  • Sales/Lead Conversion Rate
  • Daily QA Score (based on multiple criteria including agent soft skills, call handling ability, and work attitude)

The dialers all have feature-rich reporting capabilities that can be customized further. A partial list of standard reports includes:

  • Productivity and Service Level Reports
  • Team Occupancy Report
  • Speed of Answer and Abandon Rate Report
  • List Conversion and Disposition Reports
  • Standard break adherence monitoring capability
  • Call transfer monitoring report
  • Agent Real-time Report (per campaign)
  • Agent Performance Detail
  • Campaign Call Report
  • Lead Performance by Campaign Report
  • Lead Performance by List Report

Telecom and IT Infrastructure

We have ensured complete redundancy of our internet lines and backup services with the top three providers in the Philippines. Microsoft Active Directory powers our local network for access control and authentication. We use Microsoft Server and run Microsoft Windows 10 Professional on our desktops. Furthermore, all servers and desktops are equipped with virus scan software that is updated daily. We ensure daily backups of our network data and have 24/7 in-house IT support to address any technical issues.

We use cutting-edge VoIP telephone systems such as Five9, RingCentral, Convoso, and 3CX to deliver exceptional sound quality with transmission times of less than 200 ms, ensuring no noticeable delay during conversations. Our systems provide good quality on par with traditional landlines. We can schedule a demonstration before you commit to working with us.

Our primary and backup ISPs each have a bandwidth of 100Mbps.

Our VOIP system is well-equipped to handle calls to and from the US, UK, CA, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with exceptional connection quality and a latency rate that guarantees clear communication. Moreover, our system is authenticated with multiple leading telecom carriers to provide seamless service across all the countries we cater to.

At present, our B2B clients utilise Salesforce, Zoho, and ZenDesk as their preferred platforms. Our clients create and fund these accounts, and our agents access them through designated logins under the client’s account.

All of our agents utilise fully-functional workstations equipped with broadband internet connections. Our systems restrict agent access to all websites except those pre-approved for use and essential for the service they provide to clients.

We offer a lead management system that operates through a web-based platform, enabling automatic distribution of leads to our clients in real time. The distribution process is based on specific criteria, such as degree of interest, lead score, geography, or other relevant data. Leads can be delivered to clients through various channels, including HTML email, plain text email, GET post, or HTTP post.

Our dialer permits a “warm transfer” of calls, which involves our agent introducing the customer to an external agent before disconnecting from the call, thereby enabling the external agent and customer to proceed with the conversation.

Yes, our dialer can automatically detect when an outbound call is answered by an answering machine and play a pre-recorded message. This feature frees up the agents to handle live calls while still leaving a message for the prospect. However, it is important to note that this technology is not available or permitted for calls to mobile phones.

All calls made through the dialer are recorded and stored on our FTP server. These calls are sorted according to the date and outcome of the call, and our database can be searched using the name or telephone number of the caller. Each client is given access to their own password-protected folder on our FTP server so they can access their call recordings. We ensure that our call recording practices comply with all applicable state laws, which may require notifying the other party of the recording.

We can design intricate interactive scripts that agents can effortlessly follow. This enables us to precisely regulate the conversation flow of each call, especially in situations where uniformity is imperative.

Security and Backup Measures

We prioritise the security of both our computer systems and personnel. We have implemented various measures and protocols to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of our clients’ data. Our security procedures include the following:

  • Our computer system undergoes an annual security audit by a US-based third-party security company, which is done in conjunction with the issuance of our PCI Certification for credit card transactions.
  • All our employees are required to obtain NBI clearance in the Philippines, and we conduct thorough screening before and during their employment.
  • We have a computer security and anti-fraud policy that our employees read and sign.
  • Employees working on campaigns that involve credit card transactions are located in a secure, video-monitored area, and they are strictly prohibited from bringing cell phones, writing instruments, or storage devices into this area.
  • Agent’s computer internet access is limited and restricted.
  • All servers and workstations have virus scan software that is updated daily.
  • We utilise Microsoft Active Directory for access control and authentication on our local network.
  • Our data files are securely backed up daily.
  • Our internal network is safeguarded by a firewall and is monitored daily for performance and security.
  • Our IT staff enforce and monitor our strict computer security policy.

The security of our office space is of utmost importance to us. Our offices are located on the 10th and 7th floor of a building that has 24/7 security measures in place, including security guards stationed at all entrances, a front desk attendant, video monitoring, and restricted access to badge holders and properly identified guests.

To further enhance security, our office entrance and space are also secured by 24/7 security guards, video monitoring, and access restricted to badge holders who clock in and out using a biometric fingerprint scanner linked to our HR software.

Yes, we have redundancy in our internet service with three separate ISPs. If one or even two ISPs go down, we can quickly switch to the other ISP to ensure uninterrupted internet service.

Our office is situated in Cebu IT Park, the largest and most modern office park in Cebu, which is equipped with backup generators to provide uninterrupted service. Moreover, our building has two additional backup generators to ensure that electricity is supplied even in the event of power outages. Additionally, all our workstations and servers are supported by uninterruptible power systems (UPS) that protect against short-term power interruptions.

Pricing and Service Contract Terms

We charge on an hourly basis per agent.

There are no additional fees except for telecom charges in select countries outside of the US where the telephone charges exceed $0.01 per minute.

Our service operates month-to-month, with a minimum trial period of 30 days. However, for larger accounts, we require a longer lead time for cancellation, typically between 60-90 days.

Typically, we have a minimum requirement of 5 agents. However, we may make exceptions based on the potential for future growth.

No. We do not charge a set-up fee.