Four Reasons Why You Need the Blended Cloud CRM


A blended cloud CRM is an excellent solution to increase flexibility to inbound and outbound work groups for your business. Also known as a blended call cente, a blended cloud CRM combines telephony, automated call dialling, and inbound and outbound operation of your call cente. A blended cloud CRM is one of the most efficient ways to use your communication resources.

Why should your business invest in a blended cloud CRM?

A blended cloud CRM enables your sales agents to place and receive calls through the cloud. If you are still using a legacy analogue system, you are spending more than you need to on calls. With a hosted web-based server in the cloud, the productivity of your call center agents will increase, and you can cut costs down through blended campaigns. Maintenance, cost, and installation of physical equipment is not a problem.

1. Manage everything from a single dashboard.

A blended cloud CRM solution enables your agents to place and receive calls over the cloud through a simple dashboard. The dashboard includes the caller’s information for inbound and outbound calls, which makes it convenient for your agents to search the information they need to know about the caller. Your agents can easily create a profile for first-time callers in your CRM while on the call.

2. Increase your call control and reporting.

A blended cloud CRM will allow your agents to place callers on hold, add others to an ongoing call, and transfer calls. Call routing through an automated attendant ensures incoming calls reach the appropriate agent quickly to ensure callers receive the assistance they need. Reporting allows your agents to appoint decisions through volume, handle and wait time, service level, and other key metrics.

3. Blend your sales and marketing teams.

If you have separate marketing and sales teams, a blended cloud CRM solution will help blend services. Your marketing agents can easily transfer or include a sales agent on the call before hanging up with the prospect. Since both groups have access to the same CRM, they can easily find the information the previous agent included in the prospect’s profile. This process can help reduce call queue times and lower operational costs.

4. Eliminate manual dialing.

With a blended cloud CRM, your agents can contact prospects and existing clients directly without having to dial a number manually. This solution presents an all-in-one place your agents can add, edit, and update client information without having to pick up a standard telephone. A blended cloud CRM also helps your agents manage multiple inbound calls and transfer incoming calls to other agents.

What’s next?

You can benefit greatly from a blended cloud CRM solution by reducing costs, eliminating the need for physical telephony equipment, and managing calls to increase customer service. At Select VoiceCom, we have everything you need to migrate your CRM to a blended cloud solution. Please share this page with other business professionals looking for a simplified CRM solution.