How Customer Service Can Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer LoyaltyThere are no two ways about it: if you want your company to be successful for the long term, you have to put customer service at the forefront of your business efforts.

For one, numerous studies show that when it comes to running a business, customer service takes precedence over everything else. Why? Because it inspires loyalty among customers.

One such study, made by no less than American Express, shows that “78-percent of customers canceled a transaction or intended purchase after receiving poor customer service.”

If there’s anything that can be gleaned from this study, it’s that customers place a high value on receiving top-notch customer service experience.

Some will even go so far as to say that good customer service is as important, if not more so than having a quality product.

So how exactly does excellent customer service improve customer loyalty? Why do most clients gravitate towards brands that put a premium on making that positive personal connection?

Let us count the ways.

Customer Service Builds Relationships

When you address a customer’s needs in a way that is pleasant, efficient, and personable, that customer gets to feel like he’s treated like an individual —  not just a number that brings revenue to the business’s coffers.

The notion that customers will want to forge a relationship with brands may sound farfetched to some. In fact, there are numerous think pieces on the web that suggest that it may be so.

But then again, it’s easier to inspire trust in a client if he feels that his needs are being prioritized and his concerns are being addressed with a sense of urgency.

The Extra Mile Counts

When a customer service personnel goes the extra mile to satisfy a customer’s needs, that particular transaction can potentially convert an existing customer into a loyal customer.

A broadband customer got charged extra for exceeding his plan’s data cap without knowing about it? Offer that customer a one-off refund, and he will be a subscriber for life.

There’s no better way to inspire loyalty in a customer than for customer service personnel to go beyond what is expected of them.

Customers Feel Like They Matter

Another study revealed that most customer complaints go completely ignored, which explains why some customers become irate the moment they contact customer support over the phone.

When your customer service staff handles complaints efficiently, promptly and with courtesy, customers feel that their needs and wants matter.

In turn, they become more confident that they can turn to your customer service staff if they require assistance in regards to your brand’s products and services.

It also makes perfect sense. After all, one tends to be more loyal to a friend whom one can turn to in times of trouble. The same applies to relationships between customers and service/product providers.

Good Customer Service Eliminates Problems

No matter how great product or service is, there’s always the possibility of some customers getting the short end of the stick.

Customers know this. As such, knowing that customer service will handle their issues properly gives them the confidence to do business with you.

Final Word

As established, investing in a strong customer service infrastructure is critical to long-term business success.

A strong product can only take you so far. When it comes to establishing professional relationships that last, it’s the personal connection that you bring to the table that counts the most.

Here at Select VoiceCom, customer service is one of our core competencies. Using this approach, our organization has been able to set the bar for exceptional customer experience.