How to Provide Feedback to Your Sales Agents Without Irritating Them


Providing constructive feedback to your sales agents is vital towards their success within your company. That is why, regardless of how many times you give them feedback, you need to make sure that the message is delivered in a constructive way. Otherwise, you’d only irritate them which can easily lead to the decline of their output and your company’s sales.

Let me share some pieces of advice on how to give feedback to your sales agents without irritating them.

1) Focus on one area of improvement at a time.

You might have sales agents who need to shore up a few different aspects of their role during any fiscal year. Instead of focusing on all of the issues at once and overwhelming the sales agent, you ought to focus on one issue at a time.

If you focus on more than one issue, the chances are good that you’ll only irritate and overwhelm the sales agent. Or worse, they’ll turn defensive, clam up and become rebellious.

Certain issues are more important than others, so rank the issues and address them with the sales agent in that order, one at a time. Once the sales agent has shown improvement in one area, then you can focus on the next.

2) As much as possible, keep the same process within the same fiscal year.

At the beginning of the year, you should set a goal for each sales agent, as well as make sure they understand the follow-up process.

If you tell the sales agent their goal at the beginning of the year, then switch it up five months later, it will leave the sales agent confused and irritated.

Even if you discover that you don’t like the current process, it is better to learn from mistakes and change the process at the beginning of the next fiscal year compared to changing the process mid-year. There is no guarantee that the new process will be any better, so try to stick with one process for each fiscal year.

3) Focus on the key accounts.

Every salesman typically has between 3-5 key accounts, while 2-3 accounts that are thriving, and some that are on the decline. These are the accounts you should focus on if there isn’t much time during your consultation with the sales agent.

The more time each of you allocates for a meeting, the deeper the dive can be taken into all of the sales agents accounts. However, for a quick meeting, just focus on the key accounts.

4) Follow Up

If at any time you have given constructive criticism to a sales agent, it is appropriate for you to tell your sales agent when you notice they have made an improvement in that area.

By noticing the improvement and complementing the sales agent on the improvement, you will build a foundation of honesty, trust, and a more meaningful relationship with the sales agent.

What’s next?

These tactics are just some of the strategies you can implement to ensure you provide feedback to your sales agent without irritating them. Providing constructive feedback is essential towards the growth of both the sales agent, as well as the overall sales team.

If you are in need of highly motivated sales agents to help you with getting more leads or sales, contact us now, and we’ll be more than happy to help you

If you are in need of highly motivated sales agents to help you with getting more leads or sales, contact us now, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.