Improving Issue Resolution Rate of Your Technical Support Team

Technical Support TeamThe members of your technical support team in your call center company require a different set of skills than that of customer service agents.
For one, each member is expected to be an expert on specific technology or device, to have the ability to be on top of many daunting technical issues, and most importantly, to resolve issues of customers.

Here are the effective ways of improving the issue resolution rate of your technical support team.

Scenario-based training

It all starts with an excellent scenario-based training.

Because your technical support team is going to be dealing with your customers, they are required to not only have the technical how-how but also the ability in dealing with people.

With scenario-based training that features a lot of role-plays, each member is challenged to handle conversations with your customer while diagnosing, troubleshooting and employing solutions on the fly.


One other tip is to have a high-quality knowledge base. A knowledge base is an online resource that covers all possible issues that can be encountered on the call, provide product descriptions and manuals, and documentation on solutions.

A well-maintained, updated knowledge base contributes greatly to issue resolution.

For example, it can ensure that technical support teams can easily get answers to their questions, quickly access product specifications, and solve issues on time.

Excellent and knowledgeable support

Your technical support team must be surrounded by an excellent support group of subject matter experts and team leaders that they can run to whenever they have issues that stump them.

Subject matter experts and team leaders are the point-people in your organization that can give your agents the push to the right direction for any difficult technical problems that may come up.

They, in turn, can be a source of insights on the strengths and weaknesses of your agents and keep everyone abreast of common call drivers and challenging calls.

Keep everyone updated

Because the changes and updates in call center company happen abruptly, it is crucial that your technical support team stay on top of things by being updated all the time.

They should be the first people to know before or when new devices, services, or technologies are going to be released to the public.

Additionally, they must also know any expected issues and corresponding solutions to prepare them for the calls ahead.

Share best practices

Lastly, sharing best practices is a great way to improve issue resolution rate for your technical support team.

This is particularly valuable when you have a mix of agents with different level of experience in the job.

By allowing them to freely share and pick up on strategies from others, they can learn to improve their confidence in resolving customer concerns.


The quality of your technical support team is going to be judged according to how well they respond and resolve issues from your customers promptly.

Thus, it is important that you give the necessary resources to help them be successful in their role.