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reach their potential

There are many challenges facing the insurance sector, from strict regulatory compliance requirements and shifting customer expectations, to staying abreast of technological changes.
Outsourcing tasks like customer support, data entry, and forms processing to a third-party specialist like Select VoiceCom lets insurance carriers overcome these challenges and remain agile. Insurance agency outsourcing is not only about cost savings – it’s designed to help small and mid-sized companies better allocate internal resources. Your in-house staff will have more time to focus on innovation, not repetitive, time-intensive tasks.

Customised insurance
outsourcing services

Select VoiceCom works with insurance groups, carriers, and companies across the globe that are looking to generate more revenue and increase scalability without sacrificing quality. We are proud to offer references from previous and current clients, who will testify to the quality and integrity of our services.

All of our call centre agents are
college-educated and cross-trained across
all aspects of your project.

Insurance wholesalers and companies can improve performance by outsourcing:

Customer service calls

Insurance quote creations

Policy issuance services

Appointment setting

Claims processing

Email marketing services

Payment processing

Data entry and management


Policy renewal services

Policy validation

Policy changes

Client reminders

Client reminders

Complaint management

Customer loyalty programs

As any successful business knows, it’s not enough to complete a given task at a lower cost, it’s about enhancing the process so that it’s more efficient, more consistent, and aligned with specific objectives. Toward that end, Select VoiceCom provides real-time performance reporting, allowing clients to monitor metrics and evaluate agent productivity.

Customer experience matters

The success of an insurance company is largely built around the quality of customer experience. From policy origination to claims settlement, every interaction matters. Customers want to communicate on their preferred channel at their convenience. Sometimes this means a live web chat, a phone call, or SMS.
Our call centre agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide multi-channel support. Agents can accommodate calls from various time zones, scheduling appointments, setting up new claims, processing policy renewals — all at a price you can afford.

Insurance industry outsourcing partners

Select VoiceCom has the manpower, infrastructure, and skills to help your business thrive. Our team works with:

Life insurers

Life insurers

Insurance administrators

Adjustor companies

Health insurers

Car insurers

Title insurers

Third-party administrators

Property and casualty insurers

Claims processing companies

Insurance companies
outsourcing to improve

When you outsource your insurance back-office functions to Select VoiceCom, you are taking a strategic step toward optimising operational efficiencies. Insurance companies are gaining access to an expert team of employees with industry-specific skills, the latest software and technological infrastructure, and timely performance reports to track progress.
As a trusted outsourcing provider for the insurance industry, we understand that collaboration is crucial for a successful partnership. Our team works closely with each client to identify target milestones and the best strategies for achieving them.

Insurance outsourcing with
Select VoiceCom

Contact us today to find out how Select VoiceCom’s insurance claim outsourcing can help your business accelerate growth and streamline operations. Our Philippines call centre is owned and managed by an Australian and American team that brings exceptional creativity and leadership skills. Tell us your project goals, and we can suggest customised solutions for cutting overhead costs and improving your bottom line.
Reach out to our state-of-the-art Cebu City office to request your free quote today!
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