Outsourcing financial services to Select VoiceCom in the Philippines promises that competitive edge.

Outsourcing financial services to Select VoiceCom in the Philippines promises that competitive edge. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert service providers are scalable to match your objectives and offer significant cost efficiencies along the way.

Advantages of outsourcing financial

When you outsource accounting and bookkeeping tasks to Select VoiceCom, you gain the time and resources to focus on core competencies, rather than administrative, back-office processes. With every project contract, you have access to a team of dedicated agents and on-site manager who provide actionable insights, including Key Performance Indicators, financial reports, and other metrics for measuring success. Reducing overhead costs can liberate your business from the costly and time-intensive burden of recruiting, hiring and training in-house accountants, payroll, and customer service specialists. Select VoiceCom has the experienced manpower and infrastructure you need, and the flexibility to work within your time and budget constraints. We work with companies in the banking and finance industry, insurance market, and wealth management sector that are looking for efficient ways to foster business growth and streamline operations without spending a fortune. Accounting outsourcing frees your employees from the cumbersome and mundane tasks so that they can spend their creative energy on more high-value work.

Accounting and payroll outsourcing for the
finance industry

Select VoiceCom is a leading financial outsourcing provider for both inbound and outbound campaigns. Increasing numbers of enterprises are turning to our PCI-compliant Philippines call centre for economy of scale, metric-based decision making, optimal customer service, and stringent data security. Put our accounting expertise, technology, and multi-channel support to work for you. Outsourced finance and accounting can benefit:

Commercial, retail and corporate banks

Credit Unions

Credit cards

Savings and Loans

Investment banks

Hedge funds

Real estate

Mortgage lenders

Accounting firms


Cutting edge technologies
& systems already in place

Small and mid-sized businesses in the finance industry need to stay abreast of the latest security and compliance requirements, but may be stretched too thinly to invest in the latest technologies. Take advantage of the tools, applications, and infrastructure in place at Select VoiceCom, where advanced systems and technologies keep your business operations and customer service agile. Our call centre adheres to the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and has multi-layered policies in place to prevent cyber hacks and data breaches that could result in harsh penalties and loss of reputation.

Cost-effective financial outsourcing services

Let our network of highly-trained agents handle your high-maintenance processes like bookkeeping, payroll, customer care, and cash flow management. Outsourcing financial operations to an established third-party provider leads to better consistency, ensures proper protocols are being employed, and delivers a robust solution for increasing profitability. Select VoiceCom customizes our services to accommodate the specific goals of your business. Whether you’re in banking, insurance, or investment capital, our team will seamlessly integrate with your internal operations on a wide range of services:


Income tax return preparation and filing

VAT returns and reports

Payroll taxes

Depositing funds and issuing checks

General accounting

Cash flow forecasting

Customer support services

Financial reporting

Employee expense processing

Insurance claim processing

Payment and billing support

Liquidity management

Sales and customer acquisition

Technical support

Cross selling and upselling

Experience the Select VoiceCom difference

It isn’t only multi-national corporations that can afford top-tier accountants and finance specialists. When you work with Select VoiceCom, your business can tap into a fresh wealth of talent without huge costs.
Our services are offered on a month-to-month basis, with no start-up fees and zero hidden costs. To discuss outsourcing your accounting and financial services, please reach out for a free quote today.
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