Outsourcing allows companies to increase customer satisfaction and output without incurring significant costs. In today’s market, more industries are utilising call centre outsourcing services to scale with efficiency, control cash flow, and gain access to world-class talent and technology they could not otherwise afford.
Select VoiceCom provides customised outsourcing solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from insurance to e-commerce. Boost productivity with our cost-effective services that extend your business operating hours exponentially, without major increases in fixed costs.
Our Philippines location affords a major time-zone advantage. Whether it’s technical support, data entry, or order processing, you’ll benefit from round-the-clock business operations 365 days a year.
Chances are, your business doesn’t have niche expertise in accounting services, lead generation, or IT support. Why spend the time and money hiring and training in-house when we can get the job done, add value to your service, all at prices you can afford.
Put our in-depth knowledge of various industries to work today, and realise the many benefits of outsourcing your business services.

Grow your company with outsourced business services

More and more companies are turning to business services outsourcing to gain a competitive edge. Whether faced with seasonal market fluctuations, manpower shortages, or a lack of financial resources to manage time-intensive back office tasks, Select VoiceCom is positioned to help. We work closely with clients to develop customised solutions that help achieve strategic benchmarks and goals. Our highly experienced team works with a diverse selection of businesses and industries across the globe and has a roster of satisfied clients to prove it.
A good outsourcing partner is one that is wholly dedicated to your company vision – a call centre that is flexible, innovative, and results-driven. When you allocate projects to a third-party provider like Select Voicecom, you’re gaining access to the latest technology, and a motivated team of agents with assorted skill sets and industry-specific expertise.
From generating new leads and customer service support to data management, our services can help businesses of all sizes:
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Free internal resources to focus on core competencies
  • Gain access to specialist skills and state-of-the-art technology
  • Improve businesses processes and efficiency
  • Gain instantaneous agility and scalability

Industries we serve

We offer short-term, flexible contracts for all of our call centre outsourcing services. This allows businesses to ramp up or cut down on personnel and production in relation to changing market demands.
Our client roster spans the world and includes businesses within the following industries:
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Administration
  • Mortgage
  • E-commerce
  • Legal services
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate
  • Construction and Special
  • Trade
  • IT services
  • Recruitment

Statistics on global outsourcing

The global outsourcing market surpassed more than $90 billion last year. According to a Deloitte global outsourcing survey that included 25 market sectors, the following are the top motivations for outsourcing:
  • Cost efficiencies – 59 %
  • More time to focus on core operations – 57 %
  • Resolves capacity issues – 47 %
  • Improves service quality – 31%
  • Critical to business needs—28 %
  • Access to intellectual talent – 28%
  • Streamlines business environments – 17%
  • Drives broader transformational change – 17%
Companies polled in the survey also reported fewer concerns with provider responsiveness, innovation, service quality, resource quality, and proactivity.
Increasing numbers of international companies have been outsourcing business functions to the Philippines, where education and English language proficiency are held paramount. Recent statistics show that finance, IT, healthcare, and retail sectors utilise outsourcing the most.

Your call centre provider in the Philippines

When you outsource business services to Select VoiceCom, your organisation will have the opportunity to build smarter, and develop a competitive advantage. Delegating office tasks and repetitive functions to a third-party provider flushes out inefficiencies and lets you concentrate on attaining a higher ROI.
To learn more about our services, price structures, and flexible contracts, contact our Cebu City centre today!
Select VoiceCom professional outsourcing for Inbound Customer Support, Outbound Telemarketing and Business Support Services.
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