Latest BPO Trends that You Need to Know

Latest BPO TrendsToday’s customers are very different from the ones in previous decades.

They are more empowered, connected, and informed about the products that they buy and possess.

Hence, their taste and needs have changed significantly, shaping the way they demand from companies that they choose to patronize.

Therefore, the challenge for BPO companies is to only stay abreast with the latest technology breakthroughs but to stay true to their commitment to their customers.

With the ever-increasing focus on customer service as a key brand differentiator, even more than the products themselves, for all brands regardless of industry, BPO services are constantly evolving to address the present-day needs of consumers.

Here are the latest BPO trends that you need to know.

Connected customers

Present customers consume information quickly.

They seek out more details online that empower them in making decisions on dealing with businesses such as placing an order or booking a service.

They are also demanding more from companies regarding seamless experience in visiting a physical store to the company’s online presence.

In the process, BPO companies are challenged to understand better and to effectively deliver to the changing needs of their customers not only on products and services but also on their overall experience with the company.

Multi-channel support

The new direction forward in customer service is multi-channel support. This means that businesses need to be where their customers are.

As more people are accessing the internet on mobile devices, BPO services will no longer be limited to in-store experience, phones, emails, and chat-boxes on client’s websites.

Customer service is presently and increasingly being required in social media sites, mobile apps, review companies, and reputation management websites.

Artificial intelligence

There is an increasing momentum now in adapting artificial intelligence in the workplace.

What this means is that many of the tasks performed by agents such as bookkeeping and account management maybe be increasingly be performed by machines.

Additionally, artificial intelligence is being employed in BPO telephony system regarding predictive capabilities and language processing, becoming an important tool in sifting through complex data and producing critical customer insights.

Internet of Things

On the other hand, people who might lose their BPO jobs to artificial intelligence might be able to find the next sunset industry on the Internet of Things or IoT.

More and more non-technical devices are being equipped with the ability to connect to the internet for various reasons.

For example, household items such as security cameras or even kitchen wares can be now monitored or activated remotely.

With the astounding number of devices that can be connected to the internet, the employment opportunities will abound for BPO workers for wide-ranging tasks even with the employment of automation and artificial intelligence.

Technology and changing customer preferences

BPO companies need to be stay updated with the latest technological capabilities without losing sight of their customers.

The way BPO industry can quickly scale their businesses by adopting the latest technology while staying attuned to the evolving customer needs will be critical in staying ahead of the competition.