As the world becomes a global village, many companies are increasingly outsourcing services in foreign countries so as to gain advantage and remain competitive. Many companies are relying on the services of call centres in Asia where their customer service can be handled. There are many advantages of using a Philippines call centre.

1.) One of the reasons you should outsource to Philippines is that the people of the Philippines are very fluent in English. Many speak flawless English without much of an accent. This means that your customers will not find it hard to understand what they are being told. They will not even know that they are being served by a customer care person in a foreign country.

2.) The people of Philippines are very hard working. A strict work ethic is imparted at a young age and as someone grows, he knows that he must produce his best at whatever task he is given.  When you outsource to Philippines, you will be sure to have people who are dedicated to their work and will offer service throughout the day and night without the risk of termination of services.

3.) One of the best advantages of using a Philippines call centre is that the cost of living in Philippines is low compared to Australia, Britain or the United States. The salaries that are paid to Philippines call centre workers high when compared to other occupations in the Philippines though low when compared to Australia. This means that a Philippines call centre is able to charge low prices to its clients. You will therefore enjoy the benefit of reduced cost for your customer service budget.

4.) If you use the services of a Philippines call centre, you will benefit from the state of the art technology that call centres in Philippines deploy. The call centre business in this Asian country has become so competitive that call centres are competing to have the most advanced technology so as to get business.

5.) Unlike other countries in Asia which are still conservative, Philippines has become very westernized in the last few decades. The people who work in a Philippines call centre are carefully selected to ensure that they understand Western culture. This is important because a call centre worker should be able to identify with the person he is serving over the phone.

5.) The call centre in the Philippines deploy a has a highly advanced communication infrastructure. Telephone, internet and other communication modes are advanced and reliable. A Philippines call centre will therefore offer uninterrupted service 24 hours per day.

6.) Philippines has one of the highest literacy levels in the world. The country has a large pool of well educated young people. Because of this, a Philippines call centre is able to hire people who can think quickly and creatively when responding to questions by customers.

7.) For business to thrive, government support is required. Philippines has a stable government that supports the establishment of call centres and has put in place friendly laws to encourage foreign businesses to outsource services there. A Philippines call centre will guarantee your business continuity because the government is unlikely to introduce policies that can cause a sudden shut down of the service.

8.) One of the features that distinguish Philippines call centres from those of other countries is that call centre personnel in Philippines undergo rigorous training before being employed. This training includes courses in public relations and how to speak clearly in English.

These are just some of the many advantages that an Australian, British or American company will gain by outsourcing its customer service to Philippines.

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