Strategies on Improving the Level of Productivity in Your Call Center

Call Center ProductivityThe overall success of an organization hinges much on the efficiency of its call center operations.

However, there are numerous potential roadblocks that should be addressed proactively to ensure that every cog in the machine is running smoothly.  

Successful business managers are aware of this, which is why they are constantly looking for new strategies that will leverage all their resources to positively impact call center processes.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible if you follow all the strategies below.

1. Provide agents incentives and rewards

Offering call center agents a competitive incentive and rewards package can go a long way in boosting employee morale.

Additionally, satisfied agents are more likely to develop a mindset where growth and development are always under consideration.  

This, in turn, spurs them on to be more productive at work, which positively impacts the call center’s productivity.

Moreover, productive call center agents who feel they are compensated fairly for their good work are less likely to leave your company.

2. Increase agent autonomy

Giving agents more legroom to go the extra mile in helping customers can do wonders for your business concerning productivity.

Allowing an agent, for instance, to issue an unhappy customer a courtesy credit gives him or her a stronger ownership of the call.

The added sense of autonomy gives agents the wiggle room needed to bring about customer satisfaction when the situation calls for it.

To top it off, the added flexibility makes for a more streamlined call center workflow since the frequency of transferred calls is significantly reduced.

3. Enhance employee involvement in the organization’s decision-making process

A 2002 study by Wolf and Zwick concluded that involving employees in decision-making can have a profound impact on workplace productivity.

It makes sense too. When agents feel that their voice matters, they are more likely to understand their vital role in the organization.

The study mentioned above also concluded that being included in the decision-making process made significant improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

4. Give agents frequent short breaks

It wouldn’t hurt your company to give call center agents frequent short breaks. In fact, it can pay great dividends for your bottom line in the long run.

Listen: When it comes to building a relationship with your customers, your agents are your primary resource.

But if they are stressed out of their wits, chances are they won’t have the patience and the energy to keep customers happy and satisfied. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So allow agents enough breaks for the simple fact that it gives them better control over how they manage their stress. That sense of control alone is a stress reliever in itself.

5. Use software that provides comprehensive customer information

Having quick access to all relevant customer information can speed up customer service processes by leaps and bounds.

If you’re still using an outdated system where agents have to use multiple systems to pull up customer information, your customer satisfaction metrics will continue to suffer.

No surprise there. After all, Customers don’t like to be kept waiting, even if you have the best hold music in the world.

By using an integrated system where customer information can be accessed with minimal effort, productivity gets a boost and average handling time is vastly reduced.

6. Continuous learning and engagement

If you want your call center agents to be productive, every member of your management team has to start carrying himself/herself like a coach.

Remember, training doesn’t stop after the onboarding process. It has to continue through the agent’s entire tenure as an employee.

Agents are like professional athletes. Even if they’re already doing the work, they have to go through drills — both routine and specialized — on a consistent basis to hone and maintain their skills.

By utilizing cutting-edge call center training software alongside learning management system tools, your agents can hone their skills through simulations and eLearning scenarios.  

Key Takeaway

With the rise of social media, customers expect more from call centers when it comes to delivering great customer service. It goes without saying that business owners have to keep up.

This is why sound strategies have to be put in place to ensure that customer service agents are performing at peak levels.