4 Customer Service Statistics That Deserve Consideration When Running a Call Center

Customer Service Statistics

Delivering great customer service should be your top priority when you’re making business decisions in your call center. After all, statistics show that keeping customers happy is the key differentiator in running a successful business. In that same vein, you’d be doing your call center business a big favor by paying attention to all statistics […]

Tips on How To Turn Your Customers into Brand Advocates

Brand Advocate

As everybody in the call center industry knows by now, it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire new customers than to market to current ones. Current customers, after all, sustain your business in more ways than one. And if you want a better return on your investment, it’s imperative that you prioritize customer loyalty above […]

4 Ways Call-Backs Improve the Customer Experience

Call Back

Thanks to current technology, call centers are now offering state-of-the-art solutions and processes that help businesses serve customers better. One such solution is callback services, which has been instrumental in addressing key problem areas in call centers, namely long hold times, abandoned calls, repeat callers, and congested call flow. If you have any misgivings as […]

How to Encourage Leadership among Your Call Center Employees


Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not about being the big boss or the top dog. Or at least that’s not all there is to it. To put a finer point on it, one of a leader’s many responsibilities in a call center is to prepare for the day when he has to vacate his […]

Training Your Call Center Employees to be Excellent Communicators

Call Center Employees

It goes without saying that call center employees need to be excellent communicators. As your business’s service front liners, agents are not only your brand’s problem solvers, they also serve as your brand’s ambassadors. ‘Do you want your customer service personnel to exemplify your brand’s vision and deliver service in ways that exceed industry standards? […]

Managing Your Outbound Sales Team like a Pro

Outbound Sales Team

Managing an outbound sales team is fraught with challenges. If the tasks involved are not handled with care, the company’s bottom line is bound to suffer. It already goes without saying that a strong outbound sales team will help the company grow while a weak team is likely to waste time and resources. Do you […]

How Customer Service Can Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

There are no two ways about it: if you want your company to be successful for the long term, you have to put customer service at the forefront of your business efforts. For one, numerous studies show that when it comes to running a business, customer service takes precedence over everything else. Why? Because it […]

The Do’s And Don’ts of Setting Quotas for Your Technical Support Team

Technical Support Team

Setting performance quotas is a tightrope balance between business objectives and capabilities of your technical support team. For one thing, the quotas such as successfully upselling a device to a customer are tied to your profitability. If you have your way, you would want to set them up as high as you can. However, you […]

How to be an Effective Appointment Setter

Appointment Setter

Appointment setting campaigns play an integral part in a business’s marketing efforts. If you don’t have an optimized methodology in place, your ROI is bound to take a big hit. As a business owner, it’s in your best interests to ensure that a big chunk of your leads is converted into active clients. For that […]

4 Strategies Your Customer Support Team Can Use to Please Their Callers

Customer Support Team

There are no two ways about it: a company’s customer support team can make or break a business. Your customer service team serves as the frontline that establishes, builds, and maintains a relationship with clients. When a relationship with clients is non-existent, there can be no business. By the same measure, it’s crucial for a […]