5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When Handing an Irate Customer

handling an irate customer

Working as a customer service agent can be a rewarding job. The mere knowledge that you made a handful of customers happy for resolving their issues is enough to put a spring on your step after a hard day’s work. Ask any customer service professional what they hate most about the job and chances are […]

Five Best Telemarketing List Brokers for Your Business

Telemarketing List Brokers

Weighing the cost of hiring out a telemarketing project versus the opportunity cost it would take you to complete it is something you have to do for your business.  Once you have made the decision to go with a telemarketing list broker for your telemarketing needs, you then have to decide which one to hire. […]

3 Reasons Why a Lead Management Software is Important in Telemarketing

Lead Management Software

One of the best strategies that a business can employ to generate leads is telemarketing. That’s a fact that we are reminded of everyday when we send our clients their daily reports, where we detail the number of leads that we’ve acquired for them through the lead generation campaigns that we ran. While the whole […]

Leadership Development: Help Your Team Leaders to Become Leaders Who Inspire

Leadership Development

Effective team leaders are able to inspire, guide, motivate, and take their team to greater heights. They are able to nurture a culture of excellence, one that does not shy away even from the most challenging quotas or metrics that the company has to deal with as a whole. Are you looking to train your […]

How to Choose the Right Contact Center for Your Company

Right Contact Center for Your Company

With all the benefits that different call center companies are promising its customers, how do you choose the right contact center company for your business? This is one of the many questions that keep business owners from pulling the trigger as far as hiring call centers – despite how beneficial it might be for them. Because they end […]