5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When Handing an Irate Customer

handling an irate customer

Working as a customer service agent can be a rewarding job. The mere knowledge that you made a handful of customers happy for resolving their issues is enough to put a spring on your step after a hard day’s work. Ask any customer service professional what they hate most about the job and chances are […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Agent’s Communication Skills

communication skills

A Philippine Call Centre need agents with good English communication skills for them to provide excellent customer experience and interaction to callers. Inbound and outbound call centres in the Philippines are known for top quality agents. The most important qualification when hiring agents is their ability to speak and understand the English language. It is […]

Better Productivity and Workplace for Call Centre Agents

Call Centre Agents

Attrition is very common in the Philippine call centre industry. Hiring, training and replacing agents in a short period of time accumulates more expenses. Poor agent retention can also affect production and call quality. Call centre agents that are happy with their jobs are less likely to resign. Looking after the well being of an […]

5 Tips to Improving Agent Listening and Communication Skills

Listening and Communication Skills

Careful assessment and listening is essential in every customer service department. Successful calls are the result of an agent’s effective communication and listening skills. When Philippine call centre representatives possess these skills, customers become comfortable and will feel important. Excellent listening and communication skills are highly practiced and encouraged among inbound and outbound call centre […]

Implementing Customer Service

Implementing Customer Service

Customer service in an actual store and a Philippine call centre do not have that much of a difference. From the minute customers come in the establishment or hear the call centre agent’s voice or chat response, they are expecting to receive the service they need until their inquiry gets resolved. The expectations of customers […]

Reasons to Invest in Customer Service

Invest in Customer Service

The best investment you can do for your company is by investing in customer experience. The Philippine call centre industry is the best example that follows this philosophy by heart. This led them to be Asia’s leading outsourcing voice-based provider of customer service. Customer service is the most overlooked aspect of many businesses as they […]

Quality Customer Service Within Reach

Quality Customer Service

Larger business names will always have the edge among its smaller competitors. For one thing, these businesses have bigger budgets, widespread marketing strategies, solid customer base and more resources. However, it all sums up to who gives the better customer service and experience – regardless of company size. The capacity of your call centre does […]

BPO Employees Unite to Help Haiyan Victims

Haiyan Victims

A destructive typhoon struck the Philippine Islands last week. Haiyan was the strongest storm recorded in history. It claimed thousands of lives and properties. Work, school and even Philippine call centre operations had to be halted since the affected areas were severely damaged and impassable. It has been 3 days since the tragedy – people […]