How Cloud Migration Improves Customer Experience

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has had a tremendous impact on multiple industries for the past several years, even more so on call centers. Taking into account the range of advantages enjoyed by cloud-based call centers, it’s to be expected. The best part about this trend is that it not only benefits contact centers, it also makes life […]

Five Best Practices for Handling Customer Complaints in the Call Center

Customer Handling

Every call center receives its fair share of calls from customers who want to field their complaints about a particular product or service. That’s only par for the course. After all, fielding feedback and complaints is a big part of what call centers are supposed to do. Customer complaints or feedback aren’t necessarily bad. In […]

Training Your Call Center Employees to be Excellent Communicators

Call Center Employees

It goes without saying that call center employees need to be excellent communicators. As your business’s service front liners, agents are not only your brand’s problem solvers, they also serve as your brand’s ambassadors. ‘Do you want your customer service personnel to exemplify your brand’s vision and deliver service in ways that exceed industry standards? […]

Four Techniques to Showing Empathy to Your Customers


As a business owner, it’s in your best interests to establish and maintain a good business relationship with your client base. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure that your call center’s representatives are consistently showing and expressing empathy to customers in every situation that calls for it. No surprise there. […]

Five Tips for Improving Your Customer Service Agents’ Active Listening Skills

Active Listening Skill

Working in a call center involves a lot of . “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” you’re probably saying now. But listen. While call center agents need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, it is ultimately their active listening skills that will make a customer happy at the end of the call. Active listening isn’t […]

3 Telltale Signs that Your Call Center Employees are Ready for Leadership Roles


Every business owner has to take a proactive approach in seeking the best candidates to fill leadership positions in his organization. Offering promotions is one of the best ways to reward hard-working employees. More importantly, it can go a long way into leveraging their skills for the good of the organization. That said, it’s not […]

Top 5 Customer Pet Peeves that Your Call Center Company Should Know

Customer Pet Peeve

Let’s face it: Most customers would rather avoid calling customer service if they can help it. In a study made by Mattersight, it was revealed that two-thirds of calling consumers already feel frustrated even before a single word is exchanged with a customer service representative. The study reveals that the main reason is that customers […]

Strategies on Improving the Level of Productivity in Your Call Center

Call Center Productivity

The overall success of an organization hinges much on the efficiency of its call center operations. However, there are numerous potential roadblocks that should be addressed proactively to ensure that every cog in the machine is running smoothly.   Successful business managers are aware of this, which is why they are constantly looking for new […]

The Most Common Customer Service Mistakes New Call Center Agents Make

Common Customer Service

In your call center organization, hiring call center agents can sometimes be unavoidable. This is especially true when your business is expanding or when the attrition rate is considerably high. Having new agents is a tricky situation as they require resources — such as time in training, money, and manpower — for their skills to […]

Improving Issue Resolution Rate of Your Technical Support Team

Technical Support Team

The members of your technical support team in your call center company require a different set of skills than that of customer service agents. For one, each member is expected to be an expert on specific technology or device, to have the ability to be on top of many daunting technical issues, and most importantly, […]