The Do’s And Don’ts of Setting Quotas for Your Technical Support Team

Technical Support Team

Setting performance quotas is a tightrope balance between business objectives and capabilities of your technical support team. For one thing, the quotas such as successfully upselling a device to a customer are tied to your profitability. If you have your way, you would want to set them up as high as you can. However, you […]

4 Tips to Keep Agents from Cheating the Call Center Workflows

Call Center Workflows

Your call center workflows are the scaffolding upon which your organization is built. For one thing, they make up your entire operation as they cover everything from the call flow to the processes. They are created to produce consistency, drive productivity, and cultivate efficiency in delivering quality customer service. In addition, they are the templates […]

3 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Call Centers

Emotional Intellegence

Emotional intelligence is defined as the skill of discerning your feelings and that of others, and using emotional cues to guide your own behavior, thoughts, and decisions. For business-owners who are running a call center, having emotional intelligence is important. For one thing, you are dealing with many people day in and day out. You […]

Read Between the Lines: Understanding Your Caller’s Behavior

Understanding your caller’s behavior

Dealing with frustrated customers over the phone day in and day out can be unpleasant and emotionally-taxing to many call center agents. Even so, a call center organization should make it a point to remind its employees to treat irate customers with patience and courtesy. Why? Because the company stands to lose a significant amount […]

5 Tips To Run A Productive Team Meeting

productive team meeting

Team meetings are an integral part of running a successful business. Without them, leaders won’t get as much opportunities to align their team’s goals and motivations. Additionally, conducting team meetings allow leaders to address issues that negatively impact their team’s performance. It also promotes team bonding, which fosters harmonious professional relationships among members. Meetings, however, […]

4 Tips to Reduce Your Average Handling Times

Average Handling time

The average call handling time is the most significant metric used to measure how successful a call centre is. Despite the importance of having a low average call handling time, many call centres have no idea how to go about effectively reducing it. Fortunately, there are a number of small steps you can take around the centre […]

What to Expect from the Contact Centre Industry this 2015

Contact Centre Industry

Each new year brings with it technological advancements and changes in consumer habits. The contact centre industry is especially affected by these advancements and changes, and should stay up-to-date on the latest consumer trends in order to remain relevant in 2015. A webinar held by Connect First on Dec. 10, 2014, entitled “The Future of […]

Qualities that Customers Expect from Call Centre Outsourcing Agents

centre outsourcing agents

Customer support is very important to businesses who want to reach out to customers easily at any time. Live chat support, manned phone hotline numbers and even social media services are very convenient channels that customers can use to contact their favorite brand with less effort. Customer service through phone calls and social media can […]