Call Center Turnover Rates: What Does It Mean? And How Do I Deal with It?

Call Center Turnover Rates

Call centers provide a necessary service in today’s consumer-based economy. They take millions of calls annually and provide an exorbitant amount of work on a large scale to ensure all of your customers receive adequate service when the sheer number of clients to serve becomes impossible if left to your own devices. Some agencies have […]

How an Employee-Centric Culture Can Grow Your Business

Emploee Centric Culture

For years, customer service savvys have been revolutionizing the concept of customer-centricity. Traditionally, it is believed that customers will always come first. All efforts must be dedicated to putting the needs of the customers on a pedestal. However, this idea doesn’t hold much truth nowadays. Yes, it is crucial to keep your customers satisfied but […]

Customer Service Training is Never a Waste of Time

Customer Service Training

According to Marilyn Suttle, “Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing.” For this reason, the way you treat them should be more important than anything else. The reason customer service training is not a waste of time is because above all the customer is the most important part of your business. For […]

Why Smart IVR Design Choices are a Must for Contact Centres

IVR Design

Most consumers are accustomed to dealing with automated systems when placing a call to a contact or help center. And because the public has become more savvy as to the ins and outs of dealing with these systems, they also have less patience with poorly-designed or implemented systems. Any business owner knows that the importance […]

What to Expect from the Contact Centre Industry this 2015

Contact Centre Industry

Each new year brings with it technological advancements and changes in consumer habits. The contact centre industry is especially affected by these advancements and changes, and should stay up-to-date on the latest consumer trends in order to remain relevant in 2015. A webinar held by Connect First on Dec. 10, 2014, entitled “The Future of […]