How to Encourage Leadership among Your Call Center Employees


Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not about being the big boss or the top dog. Or at least that’s not all there is to it. To put a finer point on it, one of a leader’s many responsibilities in a call center is to prepare for the day when he has to vacate his […]

5 Quick Cures to Poor Performance in Your Call Center Company

Call Center Company

When your call center company is performing poorly, you will face a host of issues. For instance, you will be challenged to come up with ways to improve their performance. You might also be facing with call-outs from your clients or your customers as the quality of service your business is providing deteriorates correspondingly.    […]

5 Tips When Cold Calling Millennials

cold calling millennials

Millennials get quite a bad rap. Most think of us as iPad-toting hipsters who think highly of ourselves and take selfies all day and watch cat videos at every opportunity. With that image in mind, it’s easy to assume that most millennials would be too distracted to pay attention to what a telemarketer is saying […]

How Many Customer Support Agents Do You REALLY Need?

Customer Support Agents

Deciding on the number of customer support agents to hire is an important business decision. If you have too few people answering calls, the waiting time will increase and your customers will most likely be frustrated for staying on the queue for far too long. On the other hand, if you have too many people, […]

How to Help Your Team Cope with the Negativity When Working on Toxic Accounts

Working on Toxic Accounts

Your team’s performance hit rock bottom. You’re not meeting quotas, the negative feedback that you’ve been getting from your customers are off the roof, and your team as a whole is starting to breakdown because everyone is overwhelmed. You then say to yourself, “working on a toxic account is really frustrating…” I don’t blame you. […]

Qualities that Customers Expect from Call Centre Outsourcing Agents

centre outsourcing agents

Customer support is very important to businesses who want to reach out to customers easily at any time. Live chat support, manned phone hotline numbers and even social media services are very convenient channels that customers can use to contact their favorite brand with less effort. Customer service through phone calls and social media can […]

Red Flags to Look For When Hiring a Call Centre

Hiring a Call Centre

Looking for red flags before hiring a call centre isn’t just a good idea, it’s common sense. Considering how doing business with a low performing call centre can cost you thousands if not millions of dollars, you’ll be doing yourself and your business associates a favor by doing extensive screening before hiring a call centre. […]

Most Effective Call Centre Outsourcing Incentives

Call Centre Outsourcing Incentives

Incentives are a great way to motivate and reward employees. Outbound calls, tech support and customer service accounts are the bread and butter of Philippine call centre operations. The quality talent of local call centre agents is one of the reason why the country is considered as a reputable outsourcing destination. The goal of inbound […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Agent’s Communication Skills

communication skills

A Philippine Call Centre need agents with good English communication skills for them to provide excellent customer experience and interaction to callers. Inbound and outbound call centres in the Philippines are known for top quality agents. The most important qualification when hiring agents is their ability to speak and understand the English language. It is […]

5 Tips to Improving Agent Listening and Communication Skills

Listening and Communication Skills

Careful assessment and listening is essential in every customer service department. Successful calls are the result of an agent’s effective communication and listening skills. When Philippine call centre representatives possess these skills, customers become comfortable and will feel important. Excellent listening and communication skills are highly practiced and encouraged among inbound and outbound call centre […]