The Most Common Customer Service Mistakes New Call Center Agents Make

Common Customer ServiceIn your call center organization, hiring call center agents can sometimes be unavoidable. This is especially true when your business is expanding or when the attrition rate is considerably high.

Having new agents is a tricky situation as they require resources — such as time in training, money, and manpower — for their skills to develop.

Additionally, more often than not, they are also likely to commit mistakes while on the job, some of which can be costly.

Here are the most common customer service mistakes new call center agents make.

Being scripted

Fresh from training, they may be given a call flow with sample questions and statements to say to the customer.

While a call flow, prepared scripts, and pre-formed questions can aid them in providing customer service, your new call center agents might sound scripted and would lack spontaneity in the process which could be upsetting to the callers.

Lack of confidence

Another thing that a new call center agent struggle with is to sound confident.

Lack of confidence is something that is expected of people who are new to their role. However, it would be detrimental to the quality of your customer service.

For one thing, your callers would not want to speak to someone who is not an expert or who is not sure about your company’s processes, products, and services.

Failure to listen

Your newly hired agents are likely to be overwhelmed with tasks, tools, and standard operating procedures they need to follow.

In the process, they may end up paying half a mind to their callers and might fail to listen attentively, a situation that could lead to less-than-ideal customer service experience.

Poor attention to details

Also, your new call center agents are likely to miss important details about their job.

These details could be a simple process, a series of steps, or an instruction coming from your caller.

While committing some misses here and there is understandable as they are still figuring out how to be more efficient in their job, it can come at the expense of customer service.

Lack of empathy

The ability to empathize is the hallmark of an excellent call center agent.

Your new employees, however, may still have an undeveloped capability to empathize due to lack of experience in a customer service job or that they are yet to gain mastery of multi-tasking.

Taking things personally

Lastly, they may still be not used to dealing with the emotional toll brought about by aggravated customers.

Hence, they could not help themselves from taking things personally instead of understanding customer’s concern. They might be caught up in their emotions and worse, lose their focus on the job.

Your next steps

Hiring new call center agents can be costly regarding the quality of customer service your company is delivering.

By being aware of the mistakes they commonly commit on their first few weeks on the job, you can do something about improving the support that they get to make the ride less bumpy.

After all, once they reach the top of the learning curve, they can become successful and excellent brand representative.