Three Incentive Strategies to Boost Call Center Agent Productivity

Three Incentive Strategies to Boost Call Center Agent Productivity

One of our practices as a solution-oriented outbound call center is to provide quality service not only to our customers but also to our employees as well.

Providing attractive incentives to our agents not only shows them how much we appreciate them for their excellent performance, but it also motivates them to maintain their drive in offering clients the same kind of positive experience they receive from management as well.

Here are three incentive strategies that you can use to boost employee productivity.

1. Acknowledge top performing agents.

Here’s an interesting thought to ponder upon: Not everybody works primarily for money.

Some individuals want to be recognized for their hard labor and endeavors. Others work to grow in their chosen career paths.

In light of this, employee acknowledgment is a great way to boost the productivity of your call center agents. Recognizing top performers in your company affirms individuals that they are indeed growing in their field and gives them a feeling of being appreciated for their hard work.

A research study conducted that was mentioned in Forbes shows that a deficiency in recognizing staff for their hard work persists in 83% of organizations. These companies were also coincidently underperforming as well in comparison with their peers.

Acknowledging top performers in the agency may also bring about a good deal of competition in the work environment. Holding ceremony nights just to recognize employees with high organizational impact may motivate underdogs to step up their game.

These onlookers may think to themselves: “I also want to be appreciated just like this guy.” This drive to be valued can lead the agents to strive harder to be equally acknowledged as well, forcing the top-performers to work equally as hard if they wish to keep their esteemed status.

2. Offer monetary rewards and other freebies.

Agencies who wish to increase employee performance and productivity without spending a lot of time on planning should consider utilizing cash and other material benefits — as these perks are relatively easy to distribute.

Despite the convenience, however, Jerod Foos mentioned that 65% of employees would prefer to receive company merchandise and travel rewards rather than monetary premiums. This reason may be due to the sentimental value accompanied with the perks.

Material freebies that are branded with the call center’s name and logo may also improve employee loyalty and retention rates.

Consider this scenario.

The reward that your agent received is an official company mug. Every time the employee uses the gift to mix and drink coffee, he notices your call center’s brand plastered onto it and associates this visual with happy memories he had in the organization.

This psychological factor is a good reason why you’d want to give specialized merchandise to your agents, so that company values may unconsciously register in their brains even if they are out of the call center and in their respective homes.

3. Increase vacation leaves and paid time-offs.

According to statistics shown in CakeHR, the number one perk that employees would love to have the most is for more vacation days. This desire accounts for 30% of all the preferred benefit options available.

I know it sounds a little weird, but employees seem to choose to labor really hard just so that they could be rewarded with a break in work. The concept appears to entail a doctrine along the lines of rest has to be earned.

Nevertheless, with such a huge premium being placed by employees on free-time, this strategy may seem to work wonders in increasing work performance.

Paid day-offs may improve work ethics around the call center environment, as agents would be less likely to call in all of a sudden because of the increase in their time-off flexibility.

The compensated breaks also offer increased levels of work-life balance for the employees. With agents being given ample time to rest and relax, they could come back to the call center feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to handle your customers’ needs.

What’s next?

Employees are given a high premium in the work environment due to their role in the business. Because the agents are the income generators of the company who provide the means for organizational growth and development, they must be given weight and importance.

Attractive incentive packages and bonus schemes tend to boost employee motivation and productivity. This strategy results in customers receiving excellent care and services due to the positive overflow coming from the agents.

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